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Journeys Two - Episode 3

Added: March 30, 2020 | Runtime: 12:10 | 13,431 views

Season Two of Journeys is here!

In Episode 3, Otto and Desmond test the boundaries of their relationship.

Season Two is directed by Matthew Lynn

Written by Daniel F. Cardone

Facilitated by Finn Deerhart

Produced by Davey Wavey

Production Sound by Matthew Kendrick

Production Assistant Austin James

Featuring Andre Donovan

Adam Ramzi

Max Adonis

Ricky Roman

Nico Nova

Grayson Lange

Otto Samson

Silver Steele

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Recent Comments:
The climatic ending was worthy of an operatic quartet (L'Elisir d'amore of Donizetti?). Congratulations to the director and film editor!
Oh ... I got crazy by the very seductive way Otto/Andre watches me through the camera (okay, and every hungry Himeros-member). Well, I don't want to destroy his complex relationship with Desmond, but once he's a single again, I'm available :-b Let's see how it ends next week, Greetz from the Netherlands
Davey Wavey
it seems like he and I have similar interests. @ Just proves you don't need that much to make a hot scene. Not a lot of actors, commotion, expenses, lighting (the red's great by the way) They say there's a million different places you can put the camera - but only one's correct. (two-time Academy Award winner/now a film school honcho) Another winner.
Terrific cut here at 7:44, really well set-up - beautiful, hung, erect Black Dude and an XCU, Extra Close Up. Worked and works big time.
Scintillating climax at 10:40, heightened by the great score. Love the lighting too, the unusual cuts, the voiceover, everything worked especially the great acting talent/performers. Electric, like a Patrick Cowley score.

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