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Journeys Two - Episode 1

Added: March 16, 2020 | Runtime: 07:47 | 26,677 views

Season Two of Journeys is here!

In Episode 1, we meet Otto and Desmond as they struggle to communicate about their feelings and emotions during an experiment of non-monogamy.

Season Two is directed by Matthew Lynn

Written by Daniel F. Cardone

Facilitated by Finn Deerhart

Produced by Davey Wavey

Production Sound by Matthew Kendrick

Production Assistant Austin James

Featuring Andre Donovan

Adam Ramzi

Max Adonis

Ricky Roman

Nico Nova

Grayson Lange

Otto Samson

Silver Steele

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Recent Comments:
Paris Boy
Great video; love the humor; love the situation
What a great video concept. I play with a married couple occasionally (they are about the same ages as these guys) and I always wonder what goes on with them after I leave. When I tell them how lucky they are to have each other...and how I would never leave the house if I was as hot as they are....they always groan and tell me about how mundane their lives really are. It's bittersweet to see someone as hot as Otto worrying about his appearance. The best thing about getting older (I'm about to turn 66) is that you eventually "time out" on some of these insecurities.
YAY SEASON 2!!!! I love the direction y'all took this. All of Himeros' videos are top quality but the storytelling in this next season is TV quality.
really liked this - totally unique perspective / more realistic..in a sense...glad I checked this out....WOOF XXX's !
Brad Amberheart
I'm REALLY loving the shape this is taking. I've been hearing Davey and Finn and director Matt Lynn talk about "Journeys Season 2" almost since season 1 ended, but I literally had NO idea what the story line was going to be, and waited until today to find out! I love the quality of acting by Andre Donovan and by Adam. I love daddy Adam Ramsey in his underwear. I love the exposee on how we feel about our bodies...even when they're already perfectly beautiful. I LOVE watching the beautiful sex, and cringe at the portrayal of how our partner/lover might feel less-than-supportive of our ecstasy with another man...and I'm marvelously surprised by the preview of Episode 2, revealing that my friend Finn Deerhart is about to be featured what he does best--guiding men into places of deeper trust and meaning in their sex lives. Go Finn! Go Andre! Go Adam! Go wonder boy bottom! Go Matt Lynn director. Go Davey! FACING FEARS--yeah, I think a lot of us are READY to get down to doing that and get on with whatever our purpose might be in these oh-so-strange times. This video is timely. I'm going to encourage all of my clients, friends, and lovers to see it. Love y'all! Brad.
I enjoyed this but it seemed a tad unrealistic. The partnered couples I've met who do this tend to get really turned on by a 3rd even if one partner is preferred. It's like having live porn to watch right in your own bedroom. Still I thought it was a pretty funny video.
I could have written the dialogue for this episode. I was the one who was certain that my husband was arranging everything so I could be put out on the curb with no guilt on his part. Nine months later I can see that my mind was the source of the dark future. We’ve been together for 22 years. Any time can be the right time for my dark view to run amok.
Davey Wavey
How did you work through it?
This is awesome. Such rich content, thank you.
Andre is so good! A rare combination of a wonderful actor and a great porn star! And a wonderful episode! Bravo to all!

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