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Jacob And The Angel

Added: April 10, 2023 | Runtime: 10:12 | 16,224 views

This is a reimagining of the prophet Jacob and his encounter with an angel. Jacob is troubled and on a trek in the wilderness by himself when he falls asleep near a river. His sleep is interrupted by the appearance of an ‘angel’ and he wrestles with the angel all night. When daylight breaks, he asks a blessing of the angel. It is at this point that Jacob’s name is changed to Israel.

There are many artistic depictions of this scene throughout the ages: the two figures are usually engaged in some kind of embrace, certainly showing monumental struggle, but often playing on the intimacy of two naked (or nearly naked) male bodies in an embrace. See Rembrandt, Gauguin, Chagall, etc. Some sculptures show the angel on top of Jacob as if he’s entering him from behind. The possible erotic interpretations are endless.

In our version, Jacob and the angel wrestle but the line between struggle and erotic longing becomes blurred just as it is in the many artistic depictions of this scene.

Video concept by Coach Nic.

Recent Comments:
Absolutely beautiful! The ending scene where they are walking naked, hand-in-hand, through the sylvan setting was simply stunning. Thanks for another uplifting film.
Hottest video!
Well I loved it. Maybe not so much for the biblical tie in as much as for the vivid contrast in skin tone. Troye's stark white almost anemic Brillance is striking. You had great camera angles here which could've been utilized to show Tomik languishing on Troy's erogenous zone from the base of his scrotum to tip of the anal opening. That would've made me melt. Rather interesting cum scene. Climax was internal which most are. Still give us a cream pie visual.
Damn, that's hot.
This is absolutely gorgeous, not only as sex and art, but as Queer Theology. Thank you! (And honestly, I will watch anything Troye Jacobs is in.)
They both look like angels.
this is hot!!!

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