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Intimate Darkness: The Brotherhood - Part 2

Added: December 27, 2021 | Runtime: 11:40 | 56,094 views

This video shows a Tantric Ritual that epitomizes a sacred connection between a group of men. It shows the experience of moving sexual energy through the chakras.

As a viewer, you are invited to move your cock energy from sex to spirit, and then to release it onto Mother Earth from which you came. Acknowledge and bring your sexual energy to every part of you. Broaden your experience of yourself - and who your mind thinks you are. Practicing this ritual trains all of you to start feeling these new places inside of you.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: http://www.tantra4gaymen.com

Cinematography by @bumlights

Recent Comments:
Just a gang bang
from the first moment a lone man is seen coming towards us in the fog, there is a erotic electricity that looks as if it is hanging in the air. Then as the men converge this fantasy takes flight. The imagination of the man becomes real and the men as a group seem to summon sex from the Gods. Then nectar falls deliciously beautiful. this one is smoking hot.
Another great video, and a way to end 2021 on a high note. A true depiction of a brotherhood, and one of the most authentic uses of sound to move energy through the body i have seen demonstrated. Often when I see the use of sound depicted there is a disconnect, and it comes off as disingenuous. Personally, i think an audio only version of this video would be very hot, not to minimize the stunning cinematography. Well done Davey and team. you knocked another one out of the park.
I guess I am too much the romantic to enjoy this scene. Group sex has never been interesting for me. One on one is so much more enticing. Some of this video is pretty to watch, but all that guttural grunting and groaning is more obnoxious than erotic.
Davey Wavey
I hear you - though it's nice to see different types of connections beyond one on one! The grunting is part of a tantric exercise to activate one's chakra. Not for everyone, but definitely worth trying!
I hope that you can do a behind the scenes with Thyle Knoxx. As you said yourself Davey he is an incredibly beautiful and sexy man. I am incredibly enraptured with him and have subscribed to his OnlyFans page. For me he is in a class by himself as a model, actor, and man. I would love to see much, much more of him, and especially a profile. He is extremely interesting besides being so handsome and sexy. Thanks!
such a sweetness and brotherhood of deep connection. what a dream it would be to feel anything even 10% as rich as this. arooo
For those who have stated that "this is just a gang bang" or question the inclusion of the "grunting", you miss the point of the work that Jason and Ingo Tantra are doing in Tantra For Gay Men. It is a global movement to help bring men through the restrictive limitations of social convention and expectations to an embodiment of their spiritual power. The Tantric ritual and exercise that includes heavy breathing and group chants is millennia-old and has been proven to elevate a man't awareness of his own tantric energy to build an even more intense and even multiple orgasms forth. I would suggest you learn more about it; for this one man, it has changed my life. I applaud Davey for inviting this into Himeros.tv. Much like Himeros.tv, Tantra For Gay Men redefines what it is like to be a sensual, sacred intimate.
I love group sex.
Beautiful to watch and I wish I could be in the middle of the group!
I like that these guys are all handsome but don't have over inflated bodies on steroids like so many these days. I discovered tantric sex a few months ago and it's awesome, it brings the pleasure to a much more intense level, especially if one practices semen retention. You can go on for much longer and have multiple full body orgasms without ejaculating. And if you do, instead of wasting your precious seed, it's great, and very exciting, to swallow it; just before coming go into the plow, a yoga position, that allows you to shoot your load straight into your mouth.

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