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How To Have Multiple Orgasms

Added: November 22, 2021 | Runtime: 18:47 | 53,127 views

This video features Will Tantra’s multi orgasmic workshop and:

1.) Answers the question, "What is a multiple orgasm?"

2.) Helps viewers train their orgasmic core to gain this ability

3.) Teaches participants how to initiate a multiple climax when at the point of no return

4.) Explains the benefit of multiple climaxes

Video concept by Will Tantra: https://tantricfitness.com

Recent Comments:
What an awesome way to learn how to become multiple orgasmic with a very thoughtful approach to extend the pleasure all of us men desire to experience! The reality through the footage with actual demonstration was very beneficial to me. Clay
Such a beautiful and instructional video, and great fun to follow along!
I feel like instructional concepts like this one are part of what makes Himeros such an extraordinary resource because--in addition to the down-right fucking hot SEX scenes we get to see in so many videos--we also occasionally get to see up-close-and-personal instruction in techniques that can help ALL of us have even better sex (not just porn stars!). I like the way a 4-way buttplay scene was seamlessly worked into the middle of the video and book-ended by practical, very useful sex tips from a rockin' sex coach. Thanks yet again, Will, for bringing your bright-eyed and bushy-tailed presence into film--right where it needs to be seen! Gratefully, Brad Amberheart.
Beautiful video. The genre is my favorite, although I would like to be able to see more stages of the video being cut, i.e. while the training participants undress (very exciting) I hope you will keep this in mind for the next videos and to review those already present in a way. complete, without cuts. Thanks so much. Very good
Informational and FUN to watch !!!
I enjoyed doing that! Thanks for the teaching and demonstration by some beautiful men!
Had a BF who could do that to me. George would finger my g-spot and suck my cock at the same time. Well, 5 cumshots later I was still orgasming but shooting blanks. He drained my balls dry. so hot,so romantic.

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