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Himeros Backstage - Sex When Indignant

Added: May 27, 2021 | Runtime: 01:02:10 | 1,305 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video release.
Recent Comments:
Davey. I have said this before and this will be the last time I say it because I have a way of over saying things but I do so appreciate you man. I actually love you. Not boyfriend love but human being love. You are personable, fun, sweet and caring all rolled up into one lovely individual. I like hearing you talk of the friendship you have with your elderly neighbor lady. The letter that Nate wrote you is so true and he sounds like a loving and caring man too. What a wonderful individual he is to tell you how much you have helped him. You help the community - young, old, handicapped, all races more than you know. I feel so good listening to your podcasts. All the guys are so enjoyable to listen to. Finn, Leo, Dwain, - smart and insightful guys. Your last podcast had me laughing with you guys. You were all giggly and happy. Then we get serious. Also man, you are as much of a jock as any other man. There are thousands of men who would love to have a body like yours. But more than the body, it is the personality. You got it man. I do look forward to all of your videos. It is porn with a purpose. I'll tell you Davey, being gay and growing up in the South was not easy. It can still be difficult. Your You Tube videos help a lot of people young and old. I remember one video with your doctor that answered a lot of questions about gay sex. What help you provided to so many people who can't get that information or just can't ask. For all of these reasons and I am sure many more, I do appreciate you.

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