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Happy Ending

Added: February 7, 2022 | Runtime: 20:12 | 31,063 views

This concept comes from Will Tantra's desire to create an educational curriculum for other massage therapists and sex workers. Part of the curriculum would include extensive lessons on cock and ball massage and this is an example of what men would learn in the class.

While many gay male massage therapists offer happy endings, massaging the cock and balls is strictly forbidden at any massage school. Guys who do erotic massage are left to figure out how to sensuously stroke the body and typically just perform the ‘old faithful’ stroke to get their clients off. This untrained, disconnected and basic approach is what inspired the phrase “rub and tug”. In this video, viewers will learn many great cock strokes so that they can create their own toe curling, sheet grabbing cock massage to thrill their dates and partners.

Video concept by Will Tantra: http://www.tantricfitness.com

Recent Comments:
Am sorry but this one seems like a remake of the feature "Jack like an athlete" (May 17, 2021)...
Davey Wavey
It's actually even MORE strokes! You can never have too many :)
Thank you! I've been waiting for some more mature men. And learning new ways to stimulate my partner's cock is great. Love me some Will Tantra.
I love getting massages and having the sensual and sexual stimulation build throughout the session, so I thought this would be more of that, like a Part 2 to "Erotic Massage for Beginners" with Cade and Diego. I was really looking forward to this, but I guess my expectations were different. The happy ending at the conclusion of the massages and how enjoyable it is really depends on the entire massage experience and connection, not just the strokes used to bring a person to climax.
Education and providing tips for expanding not only partnered sex, but also self pleasure are always welcome and Will is an articulate and hands on educator. Not everything has to be about getting off to a video. Being a student once in a while is good as well. And for those who didn't like this one, there are lots of other videos to get off too. Way to mix it up.
Wow! This was so good...even better with mature guys like Will and Jake. Too bad the younger dudes couldn't do more than watch and suggest strokes. Why not have them enter in too?
Wow! I am 74 and would love to get a cock and ball erotic massage ejaculation. I have a gay friend that I would love to jerk off, but I am afraid it might ruin our friendship. He thinks I am straight; I am a bBiGuy.
Could Will/Himeros expand this to be a teaching on full body sensual massage and incorporate some of the techniques featured here?
Hello Thank for the lessons. I enjoyed learning Is the one guy in the grey guess shirt in any of your videos?
Wow, love this demo!! I would love to be the one having this experience with an audience taking it all in. I have a thing for CMNM;) All your demonstration/educational videos are so hot!!

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