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Hairy Enough

Added: June 17, 2024 | Runtime: 21:26 | 16,189 views

Two boyfriends are planning a threesome - which prompts a vulnerable conversation about body hair, race and feeling worthy.

Video concept by Coach Alex Ray: https://coachalexray.com/

Recent Comments:
A threesome is a situation that requires some conversation. That was good. I expected more talk once the guest arrived. But he seems to have fit in quite well without it. It seems they all had fun and enjoyed their time together. I think the handheld part were messy and confusing. And some closeups were too close. Concept good, but cinematography was not so good.
This was one of the most erotic scenes I've encountered in a while. So beautiful in its message, too, Thanks to all who made it possible!
As someone who's married and ENM, ethical non-monogamy arouses me. And this was so well done. Thanks. I came to it
What a great video. I’ll definitely be returning to this one
Lots of great 3-some position ideas. I want to try them all.
How do you do it so well? Combine the sweet with the hot? This was perfect. I've seen this kind of thing nowhere else. Thank you.
I love the candor with which this begins. I'd be willing to bet that it wasn't contrived at all, just a matter of Jkab Ethan Dale being real. This video depicts healing on so many different levels. I'm highly turned on when a third shows up offering different dynamics by stretching the usual twosome and thereby infusing some novel energy into their relationship. And it's great to masturbate to such a lovely, compelling, steamy scene.
Davey--how do you inspire your hot models to be genuine actors as well? Nico Nova was teary-eyed in "Tears" and now Jkab gets teary-eyed in "Hairy Enough". When it is embedded in genuinely hot sex scenes, it bumps the whole video experience to a higher level for me.
Davey Wavey
Thanks for saying this - and for noticing the vulnerability that both Nico and Jkab have demonstrated on camera. It's a difficult question to answer - and I think it takes many things to make it happen. 1.) Having really talented sex and intimacy coaches on set, working with the models 2.) Creating sets that are supportive and nourishing 3.) Working with a director and crew that give a fuck. Ultimately, it's all about creating a safe container for the models, so that they are comfortable being authentic and vulnerable.
This film is the hottest representation of the Himeros brand you’ve created yet! You tackle hidden elements and nuances right up front, in a way that is so sexy in its vulnerability, inclusion, and climax. You envelope and hook us into one of your hottest scenes. The camera and dialogue work so well together to capture and call us along as the heat rises. I re-wound several times just to pick up what I thought I heard. I wished I could have been there. I was engrossed! You wrap us in such a beautiful blanket that says so much, so artfully. One of your best! Thank you for this.
Hot video , excellent message

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