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Good Game, Bro - Himeros LIVE

Added: September 25, 2020 | Runtime: 01:05:02 | 686 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video release. test
Recent Comments:
The cinematography was awesome! I like how it was set up so that you can't really tell what era it's set in, because everything is kind of ambiguously anachronistic. I don't know if it was a conscious choice, but that definitely added to the eroticism of the piece, at least for me. The dialogue was striking to me because it reminded me of when I have a male friend that I find attractive, but I feel like even talking to them about sex will some how ruin the relationship. There have been friends I have slept with who I never hear from again after, and some I still talk to to this day. The self-identified straight friends usually fall into the former category, and my gay friends into the latter. I also think this fear of ruining male relationships in that way leads to much of the loneliness that many queer men feel during adolescence. I like that you all shared your own stories surrounding the issue of Vulnerability. As someone who maybe wasn't the most attractive person (haha!) growing up it's heartening to hear that even incredibly gorgeous guys like yourselves had similar experiences. I really hate gay 'coming of age' movies, because the protagonist is almost always a pretty boy that is fawned over by girls and accepted by the jocks. While those movies may give young queer men hope, they also create stereotypes that I feel can be damaging by causing, almost, a form of "ugly erasure", that also increases feelings of loneliness. This video made me become a member. I really had no idea what Himeros was all about, but it definitely had me wanting more and now that I see people talking about sex in an intelligent way, I think I will be sticking around. Smart is sexy!

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