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Farm Hand

Added: January 24, 2022 | Runtime: 13:54 | 39,605 views

When working on the farm, everyone could use an extra hand. Or, in this case, an arm.

Many men were introduced to the raunchier side of sex through porn. Each film often strives to outdo the ones before it, sending a very skewed and unrealistic message. Bigger. Faster. Deeper. The intention in "Farm Hand" is to present fisting in a way that highlights intimacy and sensuality.

Video concept is by Paul: http://www.kinkycoach.com.

Recent Comments:
I wish fisting was my cup of tea. If it were, this video would be up my street.
Damn... always amazing to see Nate take "an arm". Such talent. And Nico... well. It's Nico... so yummy! Was hot to see him cum. Beautiful cock and balls. I've been a fister once. Very interesting but just to my wrist. No further. One day I'll explore what happens to Nate's insides with all that up there... on Google, that is. Thanks for all you do! John
I'm normaly not into fisting. But this video somehow made it erotic, sensual. It showed love and the respect between the two guys. Nate is a naural talent. Love to see him perform. Compliments to your team!
While not anything I personally feel driven to do..this was erotic and beautiful. the connection between the two is amazing. If not lovers, they certainly spark! I really enjoyed the connection most of all.
Ok, as a fan of fisting - I find the sensual - sexually building fistings to be way more erotic. The playful connection I find to be more erotic - on both - giving and taking a fist. Nate did an awesome job with Adam showcasing that kind of fisting, that is so friggen hot to experience. NOT TO SAY, there isn't room for that piggy fisting, there is a time for that primal urging of taking it deep hard and fast with a partner or partners. This straddles this line pretty darn well...great job showcasing the different lenses of fisting and hopefully opening up some eyes to the beauty to the act of fisting not just the piggy kind that seems to get the main visual when people think of fisting.
This contemplation of fisting as gentle, intimate, and romantic was exquisitely filmed, beautifully capturing the texture of Nate and Nico's skin as they make love. The viewer's experience can be enhanced by viewing this video along with the equally remarkable video that Nico and Nate made afterward (as Davey mentions in the April 22, 2021, Himeros Backstage video): "Every Cut Is a Lie" (released April 19, 2021). (The location seems to be the same as well.) A sweet pair of jewels.
Better late than never. Sorry it was a busy week. What I appreciated most about this video is how is first of all the combination of Nate and Nicco. that is definitely a recipe for success, but in all seriousness, although I am not a huge fan of fisting, I appreciated the trust building between the two, and constant communication, along with Nicco, peppering tenderness into the scene with little kisses here and there with Nate and on Nate. The contrast between this tenderness and from what my inexperience would view fisting as a more intrusive act. Another great video. Well balanced, and hot. Kudos to everyone involved.
Definitely not for me
While I'm not into fisting, this excited me and i came as they got into their third position. I'm glad I came when I did, because as I was wiping myself off, i noticed the spitting. That would have ruined my bate. Thanks for all the intriguing and exciting videos y'all make.
Never found fisting to be erotic, but this changed my point of view. Beautifully done, very sensual and erotic.
I’m a big fan of fisting and this was excellent! It was so intimate and erotic with nice chemistry between Nate and Nico. I wish there would have been some good fucking mixed in. My favorite position was when Nate was on his back. I would have loved to have seen Nico suck him off. Thanks for a more intimate view of how wonderful fisting can be.
Team Himeros… Just re-watched Farm Hand (read: arm :o) The connection between Nate & Nico...and it being captured by the masterful lens work... is a step above all else out there. The care of precious vulnerabilities between the two is remarkable & honest. I can’t speak for others, tho, for me there is no other greater level of intimacy, or trust, or pleasure than to have someone physically explore my hole & inner body with their invited fist. Raw responsiveness coupled with focused awareness, while locking into each others eyes is where the magic happens…as it does in this film. Then there is Every Cut is a Lie….hot!…butt, that’s another story. Keep plying your artistry to unleash the magic, gents!
Such a beautiful video. I wish I could be their. So Hot. Thank you. Does my heart goo to see two med enjoying each othe Well done.
Both guys are great! I particularly like how commanding Nico is in telling his partner what to do!

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