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Fantasy Fuck

Added: November 23, 2020 | Runtime: 16:02 | 13,501 views

In this video, the point of view shifts between fantasy and reality. And in a world where many of us are using our imagination for pleasure and fun, let's dream up our deepest desires.

Video concept is by Paul: http://www.kinkycoach.com.

Recent Comments:
Nice video. Although for me personally that would be a fantasy fuck "dream" which I rarely have but when I do they are very intense. In my dream I never make it to ejaculation for some reason. It is interesting how the guy was fantasizing out in a beautiful area but the fantasy took place in a warehouse/garage setting. The filming and lighting was spectacular with the sun shining through the window on his face. It added a nice touch to the scene. I was wondering how this Covid crap has impacted your filming? I know you guys take precautions and I commend you for turning out new episodes each week. We really need them, especially now. But that being said we always need them in good times and bad because your videos are real life sex, not that crappy unreal staged stuff. I'm looking forward to the next episode because the Tantric series are my favorite.
Another hot video. nothing like a man in overalls, to get my juices going in the morning, and I love the the extended foreplay. For me, the foreplay is usually as good if not hotter then sex itself. And i loved the introduction of Bama Robello, (i think that is the actor I a want to highlight) it is hard to do when there is no con accompanying photo, no criticism, just justification if i get the name wrong.(Mr Bandana man) He is an up and comer for sure, and one to keep an eye on. I also love the theme of roleplaying to keep things interesting. Something I ofter do to keep things new and exciting. Thanks again for making my Monday morning. Cant wait for Fridays discussion
Incredible video. Love the fantasy element and how sensual everything is. Wonderful start to the week!
Absolutely beautiful! When Bama first exposed Darian’s hot, sexy buns, something sprang to immediate upright attention. I wish my fantasies could be so vivid. A couple of times, Bama looked like he was working up a sweat which caused his sexy body to glisten. That’s another one of my personal turn ons. When Chase entered the already erotic fantasy action.....well, what a wonderful and glorious erotically charged threesome, I imagined and fantasized my husband and myself turning it into a hot fivesome orgy! Thanks for another lovely film.
Two men and their boy who is the center of their amorous desires....
Wow, 3 grown men and hardy a pube to be seen. I don't wanna sound like THAT guy but grown ass men that shave and wax it all don't really do it for me. This could have been a hot scene...i'm new to this site so hopefully I can find some real men with chest hair and pubes.
So sensuous, nuanced, gorgeous light, skin, and soft cock foreplay...I could feel the sun on my face. Fantasy transmuting reality...black bodies freed from their fetishized narrative in mainstream porn... black bodies that caress & kiss with desire, erotic energy palpable as glistening saliva falling from their lips and ass. For me, the chemistry between B & ? made the white guy almost disappear and I’m sure that wasn’t intended. It was just that beautiful and real. Baby steps of things to come?!?
i agree with rsp8083. I prefer trimmed, not shaved.
I'm late to this but I too agree with rsp8083 and tiptopchester. I very much prefer a dick with hair around it. It doesn't have to be a jungle but for me I just don't prefer totally shaved or shaved down to a nub. To me it is like a beautiful photograph to display, (the dick) without the frame, (hair.) The hair sets it off and adds to the masculinity. I don't mind hairless chests, but I prefer some hair around my dick and my partners dick. I respect everyone's opinion. of what they like and if you like shaved go for it. Seeing a guys shaved dick for the first time would not be a turnoff for me if I was attracted to the guy, but at first glance my thoughts would be I wish he had hair even though I would never say anything. There is a lot more to a person than his dick area. Just my personal opinion and desire.
I thought it was great. I do love my hair men but that doesn't make this scene any less sexy

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