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Added: February 19, 2024 | Runtime: 16:34 | 16,818 views

"Eucharist" is from our Sacred Sex collection written by the late Coach Nic.

This scenario melds the Last Supper with the meeting of Jesus and two disciples on the road to Emmaus after the resurrection [Luke 24: 13-35]. The event on the road to Emmaus has all the elements necessary for the eroticization of the sacred meal: fellowship, community, the blessing of the bread and the recognition of the ‘Master’. As the scripture says, “they recognized him in the breaking of the bread”. Then he disappeared. In our version, he sticks around and gets worshipped with tongue, cock and touch.

Recent Comments:
A very arousing, touching, delightful, hot depiction of sacramental sex. Of all the videos in this series, this seems to me quite clearly the best. Others have tended to literalize the imagery. This one, on the other hand, picks up the core theme of eucharist--the sacrament of Presence--and delves into how that Presence is effectively expressed in sex. Anyone who is tuned in to the imagery of eucharist—and certainly if familiar with the Emmaus passage in Luke 24—would immediately see the powerful ending's meaning and referent. The lead-in with "ordinary" real and delicious bread and wine not only provides the entry point of connecting holy meal as MEAL, but suggests that all the experience of sucking, licking, savoring the beloved's body is exactly the active sacramental dimension in a sexy encounter. (It doesn't have to be conscious in order to be real!) I thought the "foot washing" element (no doubt inspired by the Fourth Gospel's account of the Last Supper) was brilliant. And besides, I love beautiful feet. Nice work. It is also good to remember gratefully the contributions of Coach Nic.
Thank you so much for this episode. Coach Nic's work has been a bit of a revelation to me. I've come from a Catholic background and I'm currently enjoying a more inclusive polyamorous celebrating Christian tradition. I was sad to hear of his death, but looking forward to this episode when I saw it was yet to come. The behind the scenes footage is beautiful especially Nick coaching Troye singing. Troye, Jack and their scene partners show us communion throughout the series. I'm glad I read John McNeill's Sex as God Intended (A Reflection On Human Sexuality As Play) before seeing Coach Nic's series. Davey I've followed your YouTube for years you're a gay legend. I'm excited to see what you, Finn and the Himeros team and contributors produce next.
I love Jack please more videos with him
I watched this , it was beautifuly erotic! Very intimate oral and feet touching and very intimate setting with the wine and bread. Both models amazingly gorgeous and beautiful oral with erotic cocks
One of my fantasies is that someday churches will recognize not just the Sacrament of Matrimony, but also the Sacrament of Erotic Friendship, which this video so beautifully depicts.
This is what communion is meant to be, the sharing of the bread of our bodies, the wine of our bodies, the meat of our bodies, the milk of our bodies. Let’s feast!
Please tag for FEET! 😍
I loved this film. Both sex and food are sacramental for me. Physical signs of the Sacred's love. I have done extensive reading and experiencing erotic spirituality. "Take and eat. This is my body given for you." "As the Father is in me and I in him, so too I am in you and you are in me" The "foot washing " was a beautiful Maundy Thursday enactment." Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth." Song of Songs "My cup/penis overfloweth" 23rd Psalm The road to Emmaus. Jesus disappears,
Davey, Which film has the beautiful music ? Music for Compline Tallis/Byrd/Sheppard. I have just returned to your site.
p.s. Emmaus Road. "And they recognized him in the breaking of bread and the sucking of their cocks."

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