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Added: March 21, 2022 | Runtime: 13:10 | 33,795 views

Masochism: The tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from one’s own pain or humiliation. Features an explicit negotiation of consent: container, ritual, practice.

Electromotive: Producing or tending to produce an electric current.

For most, to be gay is to have endured tremendous suffering--developmentally, culturally, and even from within our own relationships, romantic or otherwise. We have been abused individually and collectively, largely at the hands of other men in our lives leaving us feeling powerless.

One significant way for us to take the power back from our abusers is to exercise control over precisely when and how we experience pain. For those who enjoy asking for punishment, the reward can be an experience that binds together the paradox of our human experience: The union of opposites, a collapse of wrong and right. The embedded message of our formative years - I hurt because of who I am - is then transformed into: I hurt because I want to feel even more.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Can't wait!
What kind of toy is it?
Finally! A film that shows the reality of how exciting electric play can be without the overdone screaming and yelling that occurs in other BD/SM offerings! Two handsome guys who seem to enjoy each other helps too.
May I please have one electric toy and one Oliver Hunt? Thank you. Does Oliver's cumshot require extra batteries?
The kissing, sucking, and fucking was what caused the most pleasure. The electricity didn’t seem to add much pleasure to the activity. Did either of them decide to use that thing again?
I'll share Oliver with BlueSeaChat. What a hot video. Personally I think something like that toy would take away from my sexual pleasure but... I would be willing to experiment with it in the same trusting situation they were in. They were experimenting with a new toy to see if it brought pleasure. The same way as a monogamous couple might experiment with a third. Anything that you do together could make it more fun. Whether you want to do it again or not does it matter. I hope this makes sense. Gabriel and Oliver are both so hot. Very fun to watch. Thanks.
OMFG, I can’t believe it! I lay down in bed and began my electrostimulation session, wondering what new video Davey posted this week. I am totally surprised!!! I enjoyed a long session of more than an hour, watched 3 videos and shot a fantastic load. I have thought about suggesting electrostimulation as a topic….. To @joynfun, the toy is a violet wand (solid state variety.)
to @ iconoclast2222, thanks
Just loved the sensual and fun connection between these two lovers. The ejaculations were just lovely! So energized. Let me know if you need anyone to clean up after them and i will gladly apply ;)
Oliver and Gabriel have such heavenly chemistry together! I want to join them, and make it a threesome!
Gabe is so hot and paired with Oliver...would loved to have been there for the cum shots.
Two nice English lads who seem genuinely in love though the electricutor really didn't seem to very erotic!
I like videos where the models are soft for part of the video. Gabriel and Oliver are 2 of my favorite models.

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