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Edge Me

Added: December 4, 2023 | Runtime: 12:47 | 14,177 views

Life on the edge can be fun. In this video, two younger models playful explore edging and restraints while maintaining a nurturing and safe environment. It's an exploration of "everyday kink" for guys who are looking for accessible ways to spice things up.

Video concept by kink coach Paul: https://kinkycoach.com

Recent Comments:
I loved the connection and the play and man I would like that done to me but please let me know if I am wrong, I thought the point of edging was to bring you almost to the point of orgasm several times before letting ejaculation occur. This was hot and beautiful but to me if any edging happened it was minimal. I can't take the Rosy Palm technique for too long. For me it is too intense especially if someone else is doing it to me. I loved the light touch tickling.
I thought that was the definition of edging as well. But it was very hot and would love it done to me!
This is so hot and reminds me of sessions I had with a massage therapist I wish had reached this level. Except for the light bondage and butt play. My therapist was a hot guy, very gay, but extremely cautious in the type of sexual play he'd engage in with a client. This video helped me visualize what could've and should've happened with him. Ways even this could've been more erotic would've had chase stimulating/caressing Darien's erogenous zones. Cheeks, neck, waist, inner thigh and perineum. Languidly drawing his fingers across Darien's torso. The fact chase is more on the average size in endowment was cool too. A very erotic video.
This is probably one of the more realistic videos Himeros has ever made. Average cocks, not fully hard all the time, an air of experimentation, a bit of uncertainty perhaps. That it ends in some lovemaking around masturbation is beautiful.
Very erotic teaching I’ve watched this a few times with edging other times I’ve had amazing orgasms with and without ejaculation. I love how it teaches different masturbation teqniques alone or with a partner with cut cocks, and watching the partner being strapped and stripped, erotically, he should have removed his shoes and socks, watching the other strip down to nothing I love watching men taking their socks off and seeing the imprints of socks on the feet and legs. Both beautiful and beautiful cut cocks too.

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