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Dirty Dancing

Added: November 15, 2021 | Runtime: 15:37 | 20,465 views
What do you really want in your life? What are you really ready to see happen, for the benefit of yourself and all of the people you love? Would you be willing and ready to ask a lover or fuckbuddy to help you hold the vision? SEX is one of the most powerful expressions of our creative life force, yet up until now, it’s been one of the least utilized. This powerful video serves as a potent example of how to merge sexual excitement with our life’s passion. Let what you see here inspire YOU! Video concept by Brad Amberheart: https://www.bradamberheart.com/
Recent Comments:
This is awesome! I can get my aerobic exercise while having sex!
Good movie. Lots here. I make it a point to read the commentary after I view, so that I can be free to see whatever comes up without limiting myself to what I'd be watching for were I to be primed beforehand. The dance scenes are spectacular, clearly displaying the art form that both these men have mastered and love. Maybe "dirty" is a just a throwback to the Patrick Swayze movie of the 80's. Or maybe it is ironic, since there is nothing "dirty" about this at all. Instead, the gracefulness of dance melds with the grace of the fuck and the offering of semen in a way that at the very leasts suggests something way beyond the trivial. If anything is "dirty" about it, it is the earthiness of two lithe bodies mingling energies and movements as retile and rich as loam. The laughter after ejaculation underscores the joy of play. I did think that the superabundance of light and uneven movements of the camera made this a bit grainy and uneven. If that was intentional, the purpose was obscure to me.
dirty dancing? no way. wonderfully erotic., two beautiful men making magic. well done!
Arck Haven’s and Tiger’s laughter throughout the video, both of them communicating by their breath, sound and words as well as each of them thanking each other for an incredible experience was one of the highlights of my week. Thank you Himeros team for all the hard work you do, to improve the LGBTQ+ community
Nothing dirty about this at all! Two men tango/tangle, rhumb-aah, ch-ch-ch-chaah, samba, some baa aaah! aaaah! Beautiful men man-dancing!
seems like just an afternoon of two men beautifully fucking...very natural like we just had a window into their lives for a moment.bravo
I love this video, the two beautiful men, celebrating the love that they shared.
Why “dirty dancing”….? It’s beautiful, erotic, sensual, sexual with two wonderful men!!! A very nice play.
Davey Wavey
It's a reference to the popular movie :)
A lovely and erotic encounter, but those ugly tattoos almost ruin it. Why do men try to destroy their natural beauty?
Ok Davey 😉
This is stunning. Artistic, beautiful, erotic and sexy, but also very intimate and real. I love this.

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