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Behind The Scenes: Davey's Parents On Set

Added: November 14, 2023 | Runtime: 06:08 | 1,627 views
On the final day of our "Dirty Filthy Animals" shoot, Davey Wavey's parents visit the set. For more information about The Himeros Academy, visit http://www.himerosacademy.com
Recent Comments:
Davey, that was a brave, awkward, not too smart, but ultimately cool thing to do. And we have a new sexual activity because of it: lobottoming. Fucking your brains out!
That was just lovely.
It was awesome meeting your parents. They seem to be very open minded and accepting without any hesitation about your being gay. They appear to have no issues with the work you do. In fact they seem to be very fun loving people. They tickle me with their joking. I remember hearing you speak of them very favorably in past comments and I love your close relationship with them. I know you and your mom go on trips. You Davey are a very fortunate man to have parents like that and they are fortunate to have you.
Ok. So I'm a big fan and friend of Cody Seiya and loved his work with you. But this video was awesome. Your parents are absolutely adorable. So cool. I'm also friends with artist Michael Breyette ... I don't keep any of his risqué stuff on my first floor so my parents wont see. I understand that your parents didn't watch any filming but the mere fact that they came , and shared your experience is fantastic. Your'e very lucky indeed , Davey. Maybe Ill see you in RI! Happy Thanksgiving.
What an absolutely fantastic introduction to The Himeros Academy - both for your wonderful parents and for us! Thanks!
omg I love your parents!!! It's so so so sweet to see a family where you can be open, gay, talk about sex, AND they support the work you do! It's LOVE and full on acceptance. You truly are lucky to have a family and parents like this Davey!!

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