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Bonus: Davey Receives 1,000 Kisses

Added: May 9, 2018 | Runtime: 09:20 | 8,232 views

**In addition to this week's video, enjoy this special bonus video**

For Davey, giving comes naturally. It's easy and effortless. But receiving is much more difficult. For Davey, it feels like an admission that he's not strong enough to do it on his own. It feels like an admission of weakness. So, what would it be like for Davey to be blindfolded while receiving 1,000 kisses all over his body?

Recent Comments:
Davey's admirer..
Hot video! How could Davey not get a boner?.. ;)
It's nice to have opportunities to give and share intimate touch without an end goal for yourself or the others involved other than to share positive energy
Bone Malone
Davey should consider doing a nude video, I think it would be hot.
Please do a solo jerk off video Davey!
Beautiful - but I was wanting Davey’s shorts to come off at some point before the end ... 😉
I love that Davey Wavey! How great it would be to actually see his package.
Davey, you need to do a naked video for us. We wanna see your package! IMO I don't know how you could have all those kisses and not get a raging hard on!?
I find this video so very beautiful, and very touching. I think when people watch it, we have the potential to actually FEEL the sensations delivered here, just by slowing down and tuning in. There is a lot of subtle, yet very powerful, energy surging through Davey from all of these simple kisses by loving and affectionate men, 1,001 times, in Hawaii at that! I'm wondering if the spot where this video was filmed has been spared from the lava flow...
Very sensual and highly arousing.
What a wonderful video. I think you're a beautiful person inside and out and deserve ten times more of these kisses. I also tend to be the type of person that would rather give than receive. In the last year or so I've tried to let myself receive pleasure from a partner. It feels good. In the past I would enjoy it for a second and then go back to pleasing my partner. I enjoyed this video. Thank you.
I have seen your Youtube video of the nude hike. Since it was on Youtube it didn't show all of you. Please post that movie here with all of you showing. The Youtube was hot but this would be even hotter.
Each BONUS video I watch -- takes me to a place -- I never knew that I needed to go ! I love the ""smirk"" of pleasure as it crossed Davey's face. This was a Very unique concept -- not only about RECEIVING - but it also demonstrated that there are so many hidden layers and levels -- that may of us are not tapped into ! We needed these videos long ago -- thanks for this gift -- I am so glad that I have joined. I have not been disappointed - yet !

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