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Daddy Is A Verb

Added: August 23, 2021 | Runtime: 14:09 | 24,846 views

We might have been under a fixed, but misguided, notion that a daddy is a man who is older than we are, more successful, possessing a larger cock, toting a belly or a furry body that signifies the direction to which we are evolving in physical form. These associations are not outrightly wrong. In fact, many men who demonstrate these physical attributes are, indeed, excellent daddies. However, there may be far more of these physical stereotypes that exude considerably fewer of the psychological traits that we may actually require from a daddy.

Each of us is encoded with a blueprint that is either activated or not: instructing us in how to nurture another; to grow in wisdom, patience, and presence; to hold space for another so that he may lay down his burdens and be fully received. This blueprint is an archetypal form, the universal father within us all. We can learn to cultivate his ideal skills as we grow and discard outdated beliefs about exactly what makes another man eligible for us to reveal to him our most vulnerable selves. In this sense, daddy is, therefore, more of a verb than a noun, a domain of emotional qualities more than it is an objectifiable set of physical attributes.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
I appreciate Finns comments and agree that the typical stereotypical role associated with the a daddy, lacks the nuances of reality. Oliver an Ebor's interpretation is not probably where I would have taken it, but i appreciate how they fully embodied their interpretation. Very interesting take on non traditional role of the daddy. Well done.
By no stretch of the imagination can the beautiful Ebor be classed as a Daddy!
I think Jon1939’s comment exhibits the mindset to which this video is reacting. If “daddy” is more about how one acts than his age or physical characteristics, then this video rings true. I think the way it plays with stereotypes regarding older/younger and provider/recipient is engaging and surprising. Then again, as some who is fully in the traditional “daddy” age and physicality, I find being thought of as a daddy very gratifying, not to mention sexy. And my “boys” enjoy my nurturing nature (and bigger endowment) while seeming to find the “belly” I tote attractive. I do like to think it’s my care and nurturing personality that most attracts them—and the fact that experience often results in some impressive skills in the bedroom, too.
I really appreciate the concept. The models are gorgeous as always, but perhaps the video does not drive the concept home from my perspective. The pacifier helps as a symbol as well as the repeating of the word "daddy", but they seem a bit strained. But the oral action is very hot! I also learned things. I never known that traditionally daddies needed bigger cocks. I had always assumed it had more to do with age and experience and the power implied by that. I continue to learn. Thanks again for a thought provoking video!
I'm a daddy but I always enjoy being daddied whenever it happens.

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