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Cummy Undies

Added: June 25, 2018 | Runtime: 07:41 | 13,010 views

Watch Davey and friends discuss Cummy Undies on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

The moment of orgasm is sheer bliss. It takes us into a space and time that is as immense as we can imagine. The thrilling heights that we can experience in sexual connection reflect the shadowy depths into which we are willing to plummet in search of our own personal truths. We seek orgasm for so many reasons.

Often it is for the physical wonderment, the abandonment of the routine lives that can close in around us. When we cum, we are affirming that we are spontaneous, alive, even radical, since we have been told that our kind of sexual delight is forbidden.

Semen itself is imbued with so much meaning and energy. We consume it and fetishize it. It validates that we have done a good job when we beckon it from our partner’s cocks. Cum announces our own self-authority and desire to surrender to pleasure. It is also deeply feared because of its ability to transmit pathogens into our bodies. It holds so much power in our imaginations for so many reasons.

Ultimately, it is a sacred well of regeneration made deeply within the recesses of our bodies, urging us to share it, spread it, recognize it. It is a stream that continues to flow until we die, connecting us to the cycles of life and death. It has the power to create another human! If we let it, our cum can be religious, a way for us to symbolize our own intentions becoming manifest.

Our thoughts, when combined with powerful emotions, can turn into beliefs. When we believe, we create powerfully. Orgasm can put us into a state of mind where belief is born.

This video is inspired by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com/
Recent Comments:
So sexy!
My husband and I make love. nap in the aftermath and, when we awake refreshed, sometimes masturbate together as this couple does so beautifully.
I really love this video! It feels to "real"...like I'm there, getting the privilege of getting two watch two "real" lovers deeply enjoying each other. I love the models--they're so beautiful, and so expressive, with their faces and their bodies and their cum. Thank you, guys! I feel inspired... Much love.
I find use-of-drums very erotic when it's two men. Moving closer and closer to one another. The inevitable about to happen. Sometimes the drums are SO hot you almost don't need music. Builds tension so well. Increases our expectation, what we ant to happen. Need.
Enjoyed watching these two beautiful men making love and having mutual masturbation!

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