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Creative Sex Positions

Added: August 10, 2017 | Runtime: 02:45 | 9,470 views
By combining the right height, positioning and fully body touch with a little kink, this video reminds viewers of the multitude of positions that two mean can enjoy. It is inspired by Brad Leaf Amberheart: http://bradamberheart.com/ Beds are generally not actually designed for good fucking. Some of the best fucking I’ve ever experienced or seen has been on a STURDY massage table with adjustable legs for that “just-right height”. Or, for all those guys who think it matters whether your buttfuck buddy is 5’ 3” or 6’ 2”, you can stop looking at stats, pick someone who turns you on, and GET A PAIR OF BIKER OR COWBOY BOOTS. Does that sound kinky? Maybe it’s time to try something new. Chances are, if it seems a little bit taboo, it’s probably going to turn you and your buddy the fuck ON and be a perfect ingredient for some out-of-this-fucking-world ASSFUCKING. FOR STANDING-UP FUCKING, the shorter of the two partners can put on the boots. Not only does this even out any height difference, but it’s also super-fun and adds perhaps just a little extra kink to boost the excitement level. POSITIONS. The hottest buttfucking has the greatest variety. You can literally fuck each other upside-down, backwards, and sideways, in a variety of rooms, settings, etc. Experiment with various positions, doggie-style with big pillows or cushions as props, on-your-back on sturdy massage table, and… when the top really wants to try his skill with cum control, try fucking that hot bottom face-down on a bed and implementing conscious breathing while periodically completely stopping the action and lying still, inside of him. While you’re at it, experiment with the “bottom” riding the top’s cock while facing the feet. This “riding” position, with the “giddy-up bottom” riding the top’s cock and facing his feet, is an EXCELLENT position for maximum stimulation, while affording the top the great ease of grabbing the bottom’s FEET. Whatever position you’re in, you can demonstrate that FULL-BODY TOUCH—especially on the feet and hands—is a HOT stimulator for good buttfucking bliss. And finally, experiment with gently biting the flesh on the inside of each other’s palms (the fatty part) while fucking or playing. The hands often hold tremendous tension, which-when release—unleashes a LOT of pleasure. Pleasure often lies encapsulated within our body-tension. Nibbling of the bottom’s inner thighs and butt muscles before fucking him is also highly pleasurable and relaxing.
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Davey has nice big low hangers. Let’s see more of them!
Enjoyed this and want to be both of these sexy men or at least their partner!

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