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Couples Yoga

Added: August 16, 2021 | Runtime: 26:32 | 32,754 views

Yoga is good for your body - and good for your sex! In this video, Will Tantra coaches Thyle and Wes through a number of partner yoga positions. One thing leads to another, and hot session of sucking and fucking ensues.

Consider incorporating these yoga poses into your own sexual experiences, especially if you're looking to try something different. It's a great way to break out of the same-old routines and step into something new, exciting and fun.

Video concept by Will Tantra: http://www.tantricfitness.com

Recent Comments:
Oh then joy and fun of naked Yoga groups. Harry
Would love to find such tantra’partners….
Great scene. First of all, I don't think i will be able to attend another yoga class without hearing Will Tantra's voice and chuckling but that is just an aside. The real stars are Thyle, a personal favourite, and Wes. Thyle is very intuitive and very much about giving pleasure right up until the end, and Wes is very good at expressing his desires. Made for a very connected and hot scene. Kudos to all involved. As for my comments last week, i totally misunderstood from the description of the scene what it was to depict. When you clarified, on the podcast, I can totally see the choices you made. So thank you for clarifying for me. Keep up the great work.
I love how natural and real this feels. I'm glad it was edited to show that both guys didn't cum simultaneously. And they both laughed and seemed to really enjoy the experience. :-)
wish the instructor had stayed and kept helping that would have been hot
I would love to see a film of naked yoga where the two guys have body contact in yoga posiitions but not sex (oral or anal).
Excellent chemistry lesson.
I enjoyed that the moves clearly were targeted for gay men. Practice your "erection pose" men! Struggle to not have any homoerotic thoughts (fail). I feel erotic being naked solo, so with two other guys, forget it, I am all in the gutter. That said, I agree, it would have been more alternative with more yoga positions for the couple. It was great fun that Thyle was "cheating" to get a feel of Wes and the instructor let it happen naturally. I was reminded of being in a gym with other guys working out and not being able to get into their personal space. My biggest critique though is about how they sooo smoothly went from a great rim job to a smooth entry at 8:46 in the film. I suspect some things were edited out. There is a fiction that to start anal sex, all you need is desire by both parties and it will happen effortlessly. I would have liked to see in quite explicit detail how they prepared to join like that. Was it all Wes taking all of 20 seconds to open the door wide enough, or was that Thyle's work? Curious men want to know and then do that in practice. So next editing session, consider adding those details since joining at the hip with grace is not a simple feat. It was fun to "review" that section a few times I must confess.
Thar was overwhelming to watch and to experience such energy. That was gay sex at its best! I love these men.

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