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Connect The Dots - Himeros LIVE

Added: May 22, 2020 | Runtime: 58:35
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video release.
Recent Comments:
I love, love, love that you're exploring topics like this, Davey! I am a former Catholic as well, but also a former Catholic priest! I left the church and the priesthood in 1990 after 16 years of service, hurt, disappointed and feeling betrayed in so many ways because I was a gay man representing a community that insisted that my very personhood was disordered. After a long journey I finally encountered Joseph Kramer's Body Electric workshops, and through that eventually to the certificate program for Somatic Sex Education. Like Court Vox from last week's 'Live' episode, I am now a certified SSE practitioner. In that program we incorporate many Tantric techniques for our clients like those that you've been showing in your videos here at Himeros, and I think that's such a powerful and revolutionary way of approaching gay porn. In my own practice, I've made it a mission to reclaim words and concepts that were 'stolen' by the Western church, like 'holy', 'sacred', and 'sacrament'. Our genitals are sacred. Our anuses are holy. Masturbation is a sacrament. Like a sacrament, orgasm is an outward sign and expression of the spirituality that I carry within myself as a human being. But we need to learn how to access that spirituality through sex, and that's where you through Himeros, me through my SSE practice, Rev. Brent at the MCC, Finn through his Tantric practice, and others, can step in and help heal the wounds that church and religion have inflicted on so many of us. Thank you for what you do, Davey. And if I can ever help, I'm here for you and any others who might be interested in making a similar journey. Nic Reveles www.mindfulpleasurepractice.com
Wow; Your video caught my attention and brought memories.