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Added: April 29, 2024 | Runtime: 15:06 | 8,516 views

Even for Catholics, there is little understanding of what Confirmation is. Originally it was intended to be a part of the Baptism ceremony (ancient Christianity) but over the millennia it has been separated from Baptism and is practiced separately, usually reserved for the early teenage years, after the reception of First Communion and Penance. It is seen as an important step, perhaps the final step, in the INITIATION of a Christian in the faith.

In this scenario, we are keeping in mind the goals for the "Sacred Sex" series: Reclaiming the sacred and dispelling any lingering sense of shame. But we're also eroticizing the ritual elements in Confirmation including anointing with oil, laying on of hands and a flame.

In this Confirmation scenario, an older man is initiating a younger man into the sacredness and beauty of erotic pleasure, incorporating the elements and language of Confirmation.

Video concept by the late Coach Nic.

Recent Comments:
Another beautiful video by the late Coach Nic. May he rest in Peace. I liked the setting with the candles burning. Two good looking guys. Nico so lovingly adores Jack's oiled up cock. Reminds me of the 23rd Psalm. You anoint my head with oil.
I love how tender and gentle this is and how it completely centers the pleasure and experience of the younger partner.
First, I love the landscape and the house, absolutely beautiful. Second that was a wonderful soft and passionate way to have your first experience with a man. Jack looked like he was going out of his head with excitement and pleasure. Nico gave him a beautiful introduction starting out with just a bit of sucking and then jacking. Third I am so sorry about Coach Nic. I knew about it but I was wondering if he died of natural causes or did something happen to him. I know you may not be at liberty to say but I hope he had a peaceful death.
Sweet and beautiful. We should all have had such a ritual to guide us as we moved into our true selves and our sexuality.
I loved watching this gentle and sensual expression of love and pleasure between two beautiful men.
Oh, Nico. You are such a hot wad. I’d be ready to anoint you any day!
An absolutely amazing sacrament in and of itself! Can’t thank you enough for embracing the true meaning of that word!

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