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Code Breakers

Added: June 7, 2021 | Runtime: 18:47 | 35,188 views
Set in World War II, this film speaks to the eternal quality of love, even when the world isn't ready to receive it. In the face of war, these two young soldiers kindle a deep romance - and make a promise to keep their love alive, even when they are not. We are haunted by their commitment, which continues to reverberate like an echo that transcends time.
Recent Comments:
Well Davey, you have gone and done it again - melted my heart away. What a beautiful story of love between two men with each knowing that one might not survive. The black and white filming, the sultry and haunting music plus the setting just added to the authenticity of the scene. I felt like I was watching a movie from the thirties. The love and tenderness between those two really got to me. I can just imagine loving someone at that time and in that situation knowing there was a chance one could die in war. This film leaves you with a feeling inside. So beautifully acted. So tender and erotic. While I did get hard from it, there was just so much more to it than the sex. It was just a beautiful and emotional scene between two soldiers loving each other and knowing of the possibility they might not see each other again. I also loved the way the scene ended in color to present day. I sure hope they both made it. You did not mention who you worked with to create this beautiful scene.
What a lovely, tender scene! The gentle touches, the passionate kisses, the eye gazing make this one of my favorites. There is so much intimacy between these two. What a beautiful tribute to VE day!
I may be biased, but I think it is one of the more intimate scenes you have created. And it wasn't just one thing. First Nico and Troye seem to have a genuine connection, that translates nicely into mutually respect for each other throughout the scene, repeatedly checking in with each other to ensure the other needs are being met, the sucking of fingers and toes, and nothing felt hurried or rushed. The black and white was a nice added to the scene, and I will leave the comments on decor to Dwayne, but I what i liked is that it was a "tasteful"room that photographed much better in black and white, but it was nice to give the comparator at the end. the one things that i just need clarified, and maybe it is nothing. but Nico was wearing a necklace. What was the reasoning for putting a ring on it vs, dog tags, which you would normally find in the army? it didn't detract from the movie, just curious. I think you should consider putting it in the best of category. It is one of my top Himeros picks. Just one more question? Who's concept was it? Great Job Davey and team. You continue to amaze me.
I think we owe an apology to Duane for many of us and especially me for constantly misspelling his name. I have spelled it Dwain, Dwaine, Dwayne but it is actually Duane. Sorry about that. I love Himeros' resident interior designer/set decorator enthusiast. Duane is intelligent, but keeps me laughing too. It will be interesting to hear what he says about that lovely bed, headboard and room setting those two lovely soldiers occupied.
How beautiful of a scene you created, the strong intimate connection. Make me think of how many young men back then had such secret relationships during WW II. Thank you for creating such a wonderful video.
This is one of the best soft porn video ever! Maybe the term porn is not correct, because it felt to accurate! Respect and love to all involved!
Beautiful story
I wonder if my dad....
What a beautiful representation of the secret love between two soldiers. From the font and message content being relayed in Morse code to the music and room decor, outstanding! Well done, thanks!
Another awesome beautiful artful video. Thanks Davey you never disappointment. My sex in the Army was great but this was over the top. Filming in B/W just made is special and then bringing it in to the present with color was perfect. I will add this to my favorites.
A very nice scene despite the sappy ending. Very stylish filming with two pretty men.
They spoke to one another while having sex! And the dialogue underscored their passion and longing for one another. This might almost disqualify this as porn except that the action was very erotically stimulating. All the choices here seemed spot on - black & white for the action, then dialing up the color on the empty bed at the end, the sultry music, the casting choices, the simple but appropriate set, the tenderness of the exchanges. I will mention one point of distraction which seems to happen a lot in your videos, though it had less impact in this video than in others: at just over 13 minutes in, the top is suddenly on the bottom and the bottom on the top, and we didn't see it happen. They're just suddenly there, and I find this kind of jump cut jarring, sometimes so much so it can take me completely out of the action and the story. All of your videos seem short enough to allow a bit more realistic reversals of positions or trips from floors to bed. [Though I may be the only one bothered by it, and it may be too awkward to leave in.] Here, I was rather easily pulled right back into the story because the actors were so committed to their characters' story. All in all, a very well done presentation of two men expressing their love for one another though passionate sexual connection. As a former soldier whose first great love and regular sex partner was another soldier as we served together in a war, I deeply appreciated the framing. [We didn't look or sound nearly that good, but the feelings were as intense.]
This video is my favorite! I know people say this for almost all the videos but the set, lighting, camera angles, the black and white format, just all of it were done amazingly. The scene where we see Troye naked in bed as Nico enters the room was when I knew it was going to be good. I felt the intimacy between the characters through their eye contact and sex. From beginning to end, Troye and Nico were spot on, great performers. From a creative and porn perspective this video gets an A+ in my book. Great work!
I love the setting of the scene, the music just adds to the passion.
WOW! that was beautiful!
Nobody mentioned the tear at then end...talk about authenticity. PLEASE keep making these noir-type films. Beautiful!
I have absolutely fallen in love with your videos, Davey!! This one, in particular, is so beautiful and touching. The actors do an amazing job of showing a love story. And the sex is phenomenal. Since I signed up for the subscription to Himeros, I haven't gone anywhere else for my porn. Thank you for doing such beautiful work!!
This short story is very well done. The desire and passion seemed to be literally dripping from these two lovers. I almost felt guilty watching the intense, intimate love making. This is quality work and I thank you for it.
Nothing much to add to all of the earlier comments but: sweet.
Such intensity in making love by these two beautiful men. This was very moving for me!
A beautiful love story.

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