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Clownin Around

Added: December 11, 2023 | Runtime: 19:42 | 15,011 views

Most clowns are funny. Some clowns are scary. But few clowns are sexy - until now. In this scene, a clown's erotic energy makes for mischievous sexual escapades that live somewhere between nightmares and fantasies.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: http://www.tantra4gaymen.com.

Recent Comments:
Looks to be a hot video, but I have a weird thing slightly against clowns so it's just a tad creepy but looking forward to seeing it.
No fears. This clown is not creepy at all. In fact he is cute, has a nice smile and sexy as all get out. Dillon is good looking even under all of that makeup and those beautiful eyes. Very playful and fun scene. Ugo is hot and what a nice face. Jake is super cute too but his dick is so big it draws your attention to it. Himeros always comes up with the coolest scenes, beautiful atmosphere and superb music and photography.
I really like Jake and Ugo and the hot sex, but find it really hard to relax about clowns. The meme is an evil reality if you know about John Wayne Gacy.
Extremely sexy...but I'm not gonna lie -- I was really hoping to see all three guys take ACTUAL (edible) cream pies to the face before this was over. It would have really fit the clown theme.
Loved Jake and Ugo’s child-like wonderment and excitement when seeing the clown. The scene continued to increase the ability of the clown to direct the attention of the boys to follow and do whatever the clown directed. Great magical performance.
I have mentioned it before; can you please remove the socks - it is so disturbing (I know it is a minor problem, but anyway)?

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