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Campfire Sex: Our Sex is Bigger Than Us

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Added 04/23/2018

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When we make love, we are never alone. There is a transcendent quality in our sex that connects us with all of life. When two men have sex, all time and space disappear. Finally, the mind gives up. For most men, the mind only gives up when they cum. With practice, sexual pleasure will become a journey rather than a goal, and the more you become present with ALL of the pleasure you experience before and after the cum shot, the more your mind will give up and your body will guide you home to pure bliss.

A wise elder once said, “Let the trees be your eyes to see. Let your eyes see through the walls you built around yourself, into the depths of the star-filled skies. We could never have ever been conceived into this world to be alone. Even when you make love alone, you are not alone, but connected to everything. Close your eyes. See it, feel it. Look into your lover’s eyes and know that you’re making a difference."

When you’re getting ready to make love or masturbate, try this sometime: Think of a person or a place in the world where you want to send some of your ecstatic joy, then watch what happens. Like a current of running water or electricity, sexual ecstasy INTENSIFIES when it has a strong conducting element (in this case, compassion for something beyond ourselves) and a place to flow.

This video was inspired by Brad Amberheart: http://www.breadamberheart.com

Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills are exclusive models for Helix Studios.

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