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Bro Science

Added: September 7, 2020 | Runtime: 20:39 | 46,332 views

Not surprisingly for many gay and bisexual men, the first inklings of male desire became known in school gyms; strong homoerotic currents are present in the ways that even heterosexual guys demonstrate appreciation for and seek to enhance the male form. The gym is one socially acceptable place in which men are allowed to be garishly vain, to physically “handle” their buddies with playfully arousing touch, to sport clothing designed to flaunt the body’s aesthetic, and to voluntarily choose to hang out naked together in locker rooms.

This video is a tribute to vintage 70s/80s gym porn! As young men, we most likely have been aroused by images of men in workout magazines or even porn that draws heavily upon these themes. This fun video will take viewers back in time to when they were coming of age as men longing for men.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Yes, this video concept sure hit the nail on the head! My first porn mags were issues of Men's Health Magazine because I was too young to buy porn at the time. Seeing half naked men working out in tight gym shorts still does it for me today! Thanks for this flashback.
Another hot AF and beautifully done, sensual video and concept. Right from the first freeballing scene that leads to more and more and more. I love Adam's bright smile when he first sees his friends starting to have sex
Great Video: The Gym has always been a place where I am charged after my workouts, and not just from the release of endorphins, although I am sure that is part of it. My trainer is a definite reason to keep me coming back everyday, but just the atmosphere, itself is intoxicating. What I liked best about this movie, was 1. When Adam was cumming Darian and Josh were truly focused on Adams's pleasure 2. When Darian and Josh were preparing to cum, watching them look into each others eyes, was mesmerizing 3. Watching Adam in shear joy when he was being showered, with cum was a joy to behold. An overall great scene where the models seemed truly connected. Keep up the great work. M
Incredible. This is my favorite all time video now. Sensual, erotic, perfect.... Thanks for such a great video.
Davey Wavey
Aw, thank you! I loved working on this video. I love the 80s vibes.
I loved the interaction between the models, the tender kissing, the eye gazing. Hot!
Simply beautiful. Thank you for making such a fun, sexy film about discovery (or rediscovery) of sexuality.
Oh goodness, total memory lane...tube socks, short, shorts and homoerotic energy in the air. My coming out in the late 80’s on film! And Josh reminds me of one of the first guys that I brought home and almost got caught by my mother sneaking him out the back as she was getting home! Beautiful and hot film that is all too real!
leave it to Finn to come up with this true to life senario.! another great job guys
Maybe the best threesome video ever filmed. And a magnificent cum shot. One of your very best productions. Cute guys too.
Davey and Finn, one of the most beautiful 20 minutes and 39 seconds I have ever seen on video....incredible work. I have never seen 3 men work in such "concert" with each other, to give each other pleasure, honor and joy. Wonderful concept, great production, and perfect performers..... thank you for this Art!
My favorite part of this video is Adam. Not only is he cute but he reminds me of a lot of the boys I secretly eyed in high school. This video is making me look back into my old gym fantasies.
I don’t know where to start. HAF! I wish my spotter’s cock was available like Josh’s. I didn’t think Adam’s cum shot would ever end! Darian is just ducking hot. The chemistry between these three was simply fucking amazing. Thank you SO MUCH for this entertaining film. I plan on watching it often.
very hot and intoxicating film!
Davey, in your podcasts you often talk about the amazing talents of the artists and craftspeople on your crews. I agree -- the results speak for themselves. Why not run full credits like they do in feature films? I would love to see everyone getting the recognition they deserve.
Davey Wavey
That's a really great idea! Maybe we'll start doing that... HOWEVER, and this is a pretty big however, many of the artists with whom we work do traditional projects for organizations like National Geographic, and in mainstream film, etc. And though a lot of those artists are immensely proud of their contributions to Himeros.tv, many fear the stigma associated with creating erotic content. Maybe they can create porn names, like the models ha.
Fucking hot as hell. I love the ways these dudes love each other!! This is what true love making looks like. Three beautiful young men making a beautiful scene of pure pleasure, love and desire.
Thank you for this video. I'm a huge fan of Josh Brady's, and although I've not seen much of Adam Awbride's work, I've liked what I've seen - and I look forward to seeing lots more from Darian Foster. I loved the contrasting skin colors, the playful interactions between the three of them, and the delightfully messy finish.
So beautiful. I came within the first five minutes.
My favourite bits are the looks of delight and yearning on Adam's face. His ass rising and falling while sucking Josh. Gentle caressing. Enticing elements of submission and dominance, but with a clear sense of safety and acceptance, which doesn't detract from the overall sexual chemistry between these young men. Great shot selections throughout. An intoxicating, immersive experience, thank you.
Reminds me. Hafta work chest today. Cable-flies, dumb bell flies, BENCH. a LOTTA bench. "Yo can I get a Spot?!"
this scene is so powerful!! I think it's my favorite porn scene ever.
This was a great video, I liked how I thought I was actually there, rather than just a voyeur.
Do brands ever object to showing up such videos? (I'm weird that way - I see a hot video and I think "is adidas aware of their brand showing up in porn?" )
Davey Wavey

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