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Brat Taming

Added: October 2, 2023 | Runtime: 18:35 | 21,730 views

A man receives an invitation to the House of Curiosities with the expectation that he will undergo a taming process. However, he resists cooperation, leading the dominant figure to resort to forceful and aggressive means. This escalates into physical confrontation, including wrestling, removal of clothing, and coercing the man into actions he seemingly opposes.

This scene includes consensual non-consent. Consensual non-consent is a term used in the context of certain BDSM and kink dynamics to describe a type of role play or power exchange where participants agree to engage in activities that simulate non-consensual scenarios, all within pre-negotiated and agreed-upon boundaries. In consensual non-consent, the participants establish clear limits, safe words, and/or guidelines before engaging in any activities. This ensures that even though the play might involve scenarios that appear non-consensual (such as captivity, resistance, or dominance), all participants are fully aware of what's happening and can stop the activities at any moment.

Video concept is by Court Vox: https://thebodyvox.com

Recent Comments:
Fun and playful.
Two weeks in a row with someone being tied up? It may be pretend aggression, but I prefer romantic scenes. And all the gagging noises are anti-arousing.
I found this very hot and arousing. I totally identified with the brat and would love to experience this kind of a scene. It's right up my alley---no pun intended. Thanks for a great scene.
So much intensity across three hot participants - all to the sounds of a squeaky bed frame!! This film was well crafted, purposeful, intense and just plain hot whether you’re into the kink or not! It’s another wonderful Himeros attribute. More please! Like any day now… Like I haven’t got all day…
We definitely need the three of them together again! That was very hot!
I would have like it more if spanking was involved but super hot

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