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Bonus: Why We Fuck

**In addition to this week's video, I'm excited to share this special bonus.**

While in the forests of North Carolina, we filmed erotic content with three generations of gay and bisexual men from disparate life experiences. Over the last few months, those videos have been shared with you through Himeros.tv. Before we filmed each of those videos, we asked each model to create an intention. We recorded those intentions, and this video is the result.

Video concept is inspired by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

recent comments:



Such a beautiful offering 💚



Such beautiful erotica, such diversity...



Beautiful video, but I have a problem with the audio on this one and on some of Davey's videos, namely that the voices are sometimes not loud enough. Sometimes the voice is drowned out by the ambient sound and music. I want to hear what you guys are saying!



Amazing - I had never thought that porn could be so beautiful.



Beauty of sexual joy......

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