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Bonus: Rest Stop

Added: May 19, 2021 | Runtime: 10:20 | 17,965 views

In addition to this week's Himeros.tv video, we're excited to release a special bonus.

Bradford recounts a true hot story for Andre and Peyton, who - in turn - bring it to life.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Fantastic for so many reasons. First, the narrator, the older gentleman - tremendous actor, authentic, compelling as he leads us through THE REST STOP. The 2nd Black Actor always a favorite, great in this scene in dual roles. 1) Questions of curiosity, things all men think and have thought-about. But DELIVERED as if the thought/question had just OCCURED to him - which makes the scene play even better. Doesn't seem staged, rehearsed, really like we're eavesdropping. Then the photography, the close-ups, the penis itself - (which the first Black Actor describes) - it's just great acting, directing, photography, film making. Everything Davey promises and promised - standing ovation all the way around.
Davey Wavey
Thanks for the kind words! I have to jump in though... Bradford, the narrator, isn't actually an actor. The reason his story is so compelling is that it's a true one! Down to the details of clothing used in this video, everything was produced to replicate his memory.
Davey, that was fantastic. It was so realistic it was like being there. I agree with Navy41, the up close photography of the sucking was superb. Those lips on that penis head caused shivers of excitement in me. The excitement on the face of Andre hearing about the actual event that Bradford is telling him about was so real. I can just feel the nervousness Bradford was experiencing with his first encounter yet the ecstasy he knew he was about to encounter which superseded the nervousness. Magnificent was a good description when that dick came through. I'll bet his heart was racing in addition to a host of other emotions. My knees would have probably been shaking. In those days there was no Internet or apps around. I guess you had to find sex anyway you could. Thank goodness for the technology of today. It is so much easier for us to connect. I'm not sure I could have ever done that because I have the need to know something about the person I am engaging with. But it was sure fun and interesting to see an actual event of a glory hole encounter. Bradford did an excellent recollection of his encounter, he is a cool dude. And as to the reenactment, Andre sucked Peyton's dick passionately and beautifully, and Peyton has a dick that makes you want to suck it passionately. His dick is magnificent. You and Finn make a great team for providing this kind of content. You just don't see this type of real life material anywhere. Thank you guys so much for straying from that crap produced by the majority of the studios. Real and real like is what it is all about.
Nice surprise bonus. For me it was a trip down memory lane, cruising, the clothes, all authentic. The nicest touch was having it narrated by someone who actually lived through the time and god share his experiences with a younger generation. Oh the wisdom, and experiences that can be shared if we get passed dismissing people because of age. Hopefully videos like this spur on further conversations between different generations of our community. We each could learn so much from each other if given the opportunity to truly listen to and share with one another. Thanks for the extra treat Davey, and for the concept Finn. A great use of the Himeros platform
I'm 81 so I remember well glory hole experiences. I am an oral guy; and this is one of the oral films I have ever seen here or anywhere. Than you Davey.
If I see a cock like that sticking thru a glory hole I suck it till it's hard and wet then back my ass onto lt!
In my day back before AIDS, 70's and early 80's, it was adult bookstores. You'd go into a booth, shut the door, put in quarters to watch about 3 mins of a movie. Movies were crappy back then and TV's were used. They tried to keep the boots clean, but the floors were sticky. Mostly straight guys. There were glory holes in the walls on either side of the booth and you had a chair to watch to movie. Sometimes there was a lot of cursing. I picked a look a lot of guy from book stores and the gay bars. This was Indiana and in Indy they had 2 bathhouses, Oh my! But I was always safe, well mostly, I never gave a guy a blow job. When AIDS happened they all went away. You could still buy porn. I have 2 box's of 70's stuff in a closet somewhere. Bill
“It was so realistic” - well that’s because it was real. Andre really did suck off Peyton until Peyton came, and Andre kept his lips tightly sealed around the shaft of Peyton’s ejaculating cock so as not to waste any, and kept swallowing each jet of semen until Peyton’s orgasmic ride finished (you can just make out Andre’s throat muscles contracting as he swallows).. This is such a commonplace activity of gay sex that factory porn producers never film the whole thing, and never allow the fellator to drink down every single drop. But watching this sexual act being fully consummated by these two men was so erotic. And all in fabulous HD closeup. More please!

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