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Bonus: Ray & Diggory - Himeros Amateurs

Added: November 14, 2019 | Runtime: 20:12 | 21,250 views

For the month of November, we're excited to share an extra BONUS video each Thursday to celebrate Himeros.tv's second anniversary. These bonus videos are in addition to the weekly Monday video, and they are part of a project that we're calling Himeros Amateurs.

Himeros Amateurs is a special project wherein we've asked some of our favorite Himeros.tv models and personalities to re-create one of their favorite Himeros.tv scenes. These videos embrace the low production values and heightened authenticity of amateur content - and give us a real look at real sex between actual lovers. The idea is to see how Himeros.tv videos can be applied to real life.

In this video, Ray Dexter and Diggory recreate a Himeros.tv video called Josh Brady: Cock Stroking Techniques.

Recent Comments:
Wonderful! Love the lack of music track to enjoy the natural sounds of their movements and interaction. Very sexy video!
Wonderful, worth the wait for the orgasms
Like this couple, my husband and I decided yesterday afternoon to masturbate together. We had been reading The Bible of Gay Sex and wanted to try out some of the different Grips and Strokes detailed in the book. He did sit on my cock for a few minutes as he jacked, but then gave me a helping hand, edging me to an intense orgasm! Then I watched him finish, explosively cumming forth! We were in a blissful state of delirium--the wonders of masturbation!
Brian H
I love the way Ray's rosebud winks at us in the opening scene in time with his stroking. Two very beautiful intact cocks. Wish they were mine! ;-)
Hal P
I loved the site of men enjoying themselves while watching another guy do the same. Almost worshiping and honoring their dicks and sexuality together. So hot!
More of Diggory please!
Davey Wavey
2 seriously gorgeous uncut cocks. So hot.
On a second viewing of their wonderful uncut masturbations, I took more note of the techniques they exhibit. Both have made our manly solo craft into a fine art form--maximizing their pleasure. Ray uses both fists in corkscrew and ringing-out motions, backhand strokes, and holding his balls down, thus tightening the skin on his staff. He also rubs his frenulum--where his foreskin connects to the staff. For his part, Diggory shows how foreskin is used by uncut men moving it up and down over staff and helmet. He also pulls down further his already low-hanging balls like Ray does and he massages his naturally wet, highly sensitive helmet. We see Diggory tasting his precum, as does Ray. When they sit together feeling Ray's thigh draped across Diggory's thigh, Ray decides to give Diggory a helping hand as he continues to masturbate. Diggory returns the favor. What a wonderful masturbation à deux with Ray consuming his cum at the end!
Wow.. that was really hot. More of this type of content please! ;-)
Another beautiful video of mutual masturbation- I want to join them.

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