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Bonus: Andrew & Jon - Himeros Amateurs

Added: November 28, 2019 | Runtime: 22:12 | 10,076 views

For the month of November, we're excited to share an extra BONUS video each Thursday to celebrate Himeros.tv's second anniversary. These bonus videos are in addition to the weekly Monday video, and they are part of a project that we're calling Himeros Amateurs.

Himeros Amateurs is a special project wherein we've asked some of our favorite Himeros.tv models and personalities to re-create one of their favorite Himeros.tv scenes. These videos embrace the low production values and heightened authenticity of amateur content - and give us a real look at real sex between actual lovers. The idea is to see how Himeros.tv videos can be applied to real life.

In this video, Andrew Gurza & Jon Shield recreate a Himeros.tv video called Role Play Part III: We're Brothers.

Recent Comments:
Simply Thanks so much for this video!!!
I'm so glad I suggested you reach out to Andrew last year :D
Thank you for this brave, daring loving film. a masterpeace!
Thanks to these two beautiful men and Himeros for helping redefine sexiness and sexual humanity.
Christian theologian James Nelson in his insightful book EMBODIMENT : AN APPROACH TO SEXUALITY AND CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY includes a chapter on "The Sexually Disenfranchised", in which he includes the elderly, persons living with physical or mental disabilities etc. When such persons have the additional challenge of being gay or lesbian they are doubly disenfranchised , that is the goodness, holiness and life-enhancing potentiality of their sexuality is denied, disregarded or diminished. This video challenges that painful invisibility by presenting two men whose capacity for mutual sexual pleasure is beautifully and evocatively presented. Thank you!
When persons with disabilities are among the sexually disenfranchised, this video is a breath of hope and liberation. Thank you john
Hot, exciting. Two special men helping each other climax
Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.
I really enjoyed this scene... Myself being a gay disabled male found it exciting to see Andrew enjoy himself with his friend!!!
Just a wonderful, sexy and affirming video, a joy to watch. Thank you guys for showing us that we a disabled gay men are hot, sexy and enjoy sensual, loving sex. Michael UK
Brad Amberheart
This video really does something to me...I'm so touched by Andrew's beautiful, gorgeous facial expressions and tremendously excited by Jon's gorgeous body and the way he so lovingly intertwines his whole, soulful erotic being with Andrew. I'm particularly touched because when I watch this video I get to kind-of see my own life from the outside for a change. I've made love with men of all "types" for my whole adult life, and I never cease to be amazed by just how joyously ecstatic SEX can be between ANY two men who joyously love to express themselves with their full-on, pent-up, horny fucking balls--irregardless of their physical appearance or condition. This video brings to life something I've LIVED, but never seen represented in film before now, and for that...I am whole-heartedly grateful to these two men, to Davey, and...I believe it was Finn Deerhart or Jallen Rix who conceived this original concept. So NOW, I get to watch the "original" video. I'm laughing, crying, and grateful for this video. I think I need to write a whole blog about it. Thank you.
I watch the videos from the “amateur “series often and they are a great addition to the himeros site. They tap into the eroticism that we all have and shows that the Line between ordinary guy and pro is meaningless. We all are hot in our own unique way and can have great sex with a wide variety of partners.. These videos are such a great contribution. I hope you will do more. Especially as a bonus! I do want to note that for some reason these videos stop and need to be refreshed every five or six minutes. I think that is a site issue because I have watched them on different machines in different parts of the country and have the same problem. This only happens with the amateur videos, Never with the other videos on the site. Hope that you can avoid this technical problem in the future. Thank you.
WOW, Davey! Thank you for including us all.
Most disabilities do not diminish the sexual desire that define our manhood, which this very progressive video makes clear.
An amazing and very hot video. I loved it. And think both of those fellows are incredibly hot.
Andrew Gurza, first of all I want to thank you for representing us and showing others that people with disabilities have wants and needs too. Next Davey, thank you for making it all possible! WATCHING THIS VIDEO MADE ME SO HAPPY AND FILLED MY HEART WITH JOY! I am a quadriplegic and I could totally relate! SEX is a part of life that we all need!
Wow!! Congratulations for filming that!

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