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Blessing Of The Elder

Added: February 19, 2018 | Runtime: 05:49

At 83 years old, Norm is having the best sex of his life - and it's his intention to empower the younger generation of gay men to have ecstatic, mind-blowing sex. In this video, Norm gives a blessing to gay men everywhere.

Big thank you to Helix Studios, where Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills are exclusive models.

Video inspired by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com/

Recent Comments:
stunning video
Very beautiful and very brave! Congratulations. We older guys have a lot to offer to the wider community of sex positive gay men of all ages. It's nice to be reminded.
Will 2
You delivered exactly what i expected!
Our manly drives are with us a lifetime from youth to old age: loving and showing affection for others and ourselves, making love to other men and to ourselves, masturbating--communicating within ourselves and realizing the ecstatic, erogenous pleasures that are ours to savor and enjoy....
Beautiful. I'm in between those ages, and it's wonderful to have someone who's blazed that trail tell me, "there is still so much to look forward to."
Beautiful and courageous! It is so nice to see there is no end in our sexual adventures as we age!
so it's about the elders enjoying sex, but half the footage is about two younger guys playing with each other, and the elder is having sex alone...?
I don't get it, why isn't he involved in any of the intimacy? Basically what this says to me is older men can watch but not touch, which is what this 55 year experiences all the time.
Thank you for helping acknowledge that guys can have highly erotic sex into their 70s and 80s and likely beyond. My husband just turned 74 years (I’m 48) and I continue to encourage and inspire him to not give up on his sexual desires. For those that intimated that the solo experience was his outlet, and insinuated that it might be his only outlet, you may just be mistaken. Perhaps that’s based on your experience (like “M” implied) but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. My husband often gets off to me pleasuring myself, so we are both participating in the intimacy of the others’ experience, so in that case, it’s far from solo.
Thanks for remembering us older gay guys. I'm 80 and still horny. I mostly masturbate at this time in my life. Your site is amazing.
Stunning....and older men often find themselves with young men. Use every opportunity you get to mae connections no matter what your age
This video is one of the reasons I'm a member here. NORM is SO HOT. We old guys (almost 70) still have sex drives and it takes someone like Norm to bring it to cumpletion! (Pun intended.) THANK YOU!