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Blake & Joey: Sex Coaching

Added: January 29, 2018 | Runtime: 10:21 | 14,739 views

This video demonstrates how two lovers who already have chemistry and a lot of sexual energy can take their levels of ecstatic sexual connection to new heights.

Blake and Joey work with sex coach Brad Amberheart to explore three foundations of ecstatic sex including breath, sound and movement. A big thank you to Helix Studios, where Joey and Blake are exclusive models.

Learn more about Brad at http://www.bradamberheart.com/

Recent Comments:
Just wasted 10 minutes watching this. How is this better than porn? Is this really how Davey Wavey have sex? Can someone please contact me I would like to unsubscribe to this website. "What is Himeros.tv? Himeros.tv is like porn. But better." NOT
Hey guys, I love this site but about a week ago I started having really annoying buffering issues with Himeros.tv. I don't have that problem with any other streaming services that I'm using. I've tried everything to choosing different formats, refreshing my browser, refreshing my modem/router, nothing helps. Which leads me to believe it's on your end. Can you look into it? Thanks. Great content. Just want to be able to see it uninterrupted!
Hi, Victor - If you're looking for a place to come get off quickly then yeah, this maybe isn't the place for you. But if you're interested in learning more about how your body works, how sexuality works, how to have better sex and enjoy it more than a quick pump-and-dump session, stick around.
As I explore the Tantric path, I am learning that pleasure is not only about the genitals. It has taken me a while to learn to appreciate the beauty of the journey. Many of us who are accustomed to porn tend to evaluate these videos from that perspective. Try it. Like me, you may be pleasantly surprised.
Finn Deerhart
So grateful for this work!
Plenty of coaching; not much sex. 😒 Why is the hot coach wearing a shirt? Twice the scene abruptly changed postures. Does this director understand lap dissolve?
I love watching Blake and Joey kiss .... I don’t disagree though that it would nice to see a sequel ...
I love watching Blake and Joey kiss ... Would be nice to see a sequel though...
That was great! Always enjoy learning more about sex. Thanks guys!
Will Tantra
What a beautiful example of a Sacred Intimate session. This is so personal for couples and so important that you were able to capture the tenderness and vulnerability of a session like this. You can really feel the connection strengthen between the two models. Brad is a master with his words and he delivered some very important messages. I appreciate this being presented for gay couples to see and know this option as a powerful way to develop greater intimacy.
I am 34 and have been having “sex” for the better part of two decades now. this site and video are showing me that sex can be so much more. It’s really hot watching two people just be together and spend time exploring touch.

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