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Black And White

Added: December 25, 2023 | Runtime: 13:49 | 13,411 views

The title for this scene refers to multiple layers of meaning! On the surface, the models are quite different - but the real “black and white” corresponds to how we can kindly and effectively communicate and practice consent without losing sexual desire or momentum. This entire scene will demonstrate what “giving for oneself” looks like compared to “giving for your partner.”

Video concept by Matthew Shur.

Recent Comments:
My Nico!
This could have been a great video. And it is partially good. However not once, do they film and show a hardcore close up shot of the pussy that he is eating or ultimately fucking. I don't know why they stayed away from showing this and filmed it in such a way that you never see the pussy up close. It is always shot from above or the side so that you never see explicit pussy shots. That totally ruined it for me. Why was that decision made to film it this way???? Disappointing.
Nico is one of my favorite models here and he rarely disappoints. He didn’t in this video. Hot as fuck. Noah played his role very well too. I hope we see more of him.
Hot but not Drew and Cade hot. The foreplay with modified tongue bath could've been extended to arouse more areas of the blonde's body. Also after he gets in the bed I was expecting more effort on stroking/caressing his erogenous zones. Languish over his pecs. gently glide the hand over his belly. Tongue action by both on the other's body should've been longer. Their communication is the key here and blonde was enjoying the attention. Major downers for me was the spitting and blonde didn't come. THAT seemed selfish by the other dude
I have to agree with writer above If you are going show sex with a Trans guy then show it all. Fucking a Trans guy us nit something everyone gets a chance to so more closeups would have. Been appreciated. If you show fetish sex please show in detail. The same is true of the videos with piss play
It was sexy, but honestly I did not know the blonde guy was trans until someone else said it. It would have been nice to focus more on the vagina

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