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Behind The Scenes: Troye Jacobs

Added: September 14, 2021 | Runtime: 06:36 | 3,515 views

Among other Himeros.tv projects, Troye Jacobs is featured in the Himeros.tv "Sacred Sex" collection with Drew Dixon, Nico Nova, Ray Dexter, Jack Valor and Tomik 9.5.

Troye's first "Sacred Sex" video will be released on November 8. It is titled "Penance".

Recent Comments:
This is such a thoughtful piece on Troye and his vision for life. He exudes such confidence and passion. And what a gift his voice is, thanks for sharing his talent and beauty.
Not exactly what one pays for
Davey Wavey
This is a bonus video, in addition to the weekly erotic videos... so it's just something extra! I hope that the Himeros.tv audience enjoys seeing behind the scenes, and learning how our videos are made - and meeting the talent behind them.

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