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Behind The Scenes: Troye Jacobs

Added: September 14, 2021 | Runtime: 06:36 | 14,996 views

Among other Himeros.tv projects, Troye Jacobs is featured in the Himeros.tv "Sacred Sex" collection with Drew Dixon, Nico Nova, Ray Dexter, Jack Valor and Tomik 9.5.

Troye's first "Sacred Sex" video will be released on November 8. It is titled "Penance".

Recent Comments:
This is such a thoughtful piece on Troye and his vision for life. He exudes such confidence and passion. And what a gift his voice is, thanks for sharing his talent and beauty.
Not exactly what one pays for
Davey Wavey
This is a bonus video, in addition to the weekly erotic videos... so it's just something extra! I hope that the Himeros.tv audience enjoys seeing behind the scenes, and learning how our videos are made - and meeting the talent behind them.
Thanks, Troye and Himeros team. This was really great. I love behind the scenes. All the porn actors I have met are really cool and I totally agree that sex work is legit and should be mainstream. Keep up the good work and will look for more of you! Will enjoy it more having seen this
How do I watch full length video
Davey Wavey
Troye's videos will be released in the weeks ahead!
Thanks for adding this in as a bonus. I know creating a bonus video in addition to the regular erotic content costs time and money and I appreciate it!
Davey Wavey
Aw, thank you. I'm so glad that you appreciate it.
I enjoy these glimpses into the character of the actors.
I love the Behind the Scenes videos. I think that it’s wonderful and fascinating to get to know the models personally in a sense, and to begin to get to know them as people. Please keep making them!!
I can very much relate to Troye as I consider myself to be a very sexual person, yet I also find that music can have such a fulfilling effect as well. I've postulated that perhaps sex can elicit a physical orgasm, while music can elicit a spiritual orgasm of fulfillment. One of my awakenings happened while I was watching Van Cliburn play Rachmaninoff's third piano concerto, not only was I very interested musically, but I was also interested because he was a tall and hot guy who I later found out was a gay night owl like myself who also was an immense virtuoso pianist who helped to create a moment of respite in the cold War when he won a Russian piano competition and was lauded when he came back for being the tall Texan who won the heart of Russia in the Tchaikovsky competition. I love these behind the scenes looks into what truly does go on in sex work, not just keeping it concealed, but allowing us to experience the whole thing, not just the curated bits of the final product.
Until I found Himerostv porn actors were just a sexy version on news anchors. Watching the behind the scenes videos makes the connection of a whole person, not just a hot body! Troye’s drive and passion to be diverse in porn , music and acting add a full dimension to the heat and connection with other models on HimerosTV. thank you Troye , Davy and all those behind the scene Gregsonn
I like the behind the scenes. I have enjoyed Troye's work with my favorite porn stars Johnny you know who and the married couple Mickey and Colby. It would be nice to see them on Himerosa but I don't think it is possible.
I’ve always enjoyed behind-the-scenes videos. Himeros (which my iPad self-corrected to "Hi Eros" - lol) has added an entirely new dimension to BTS videos which, to me, serves to heighten the appeal of the sex scenes. I enjoy knowing that Troye, in addition to being a sexy and beautiful man, is a song-writer and has a beautiful singing voice. It makes him all the more sexy.

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