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Behind The Scenes: Shaya Odin

Added: March 16, 2022 | Runtime: 05:46 | 9,565 views
A behind the scenes look at Shaya Odin during our Hawaii shoot.
Recent Comments:
Shaya's account of trauma--what sounds like asault, battery, and false imprisonment (being blocked by the car)--is nightmarish. And it's sickening and enfuriating that part of what made him a target was his Blackness--part of what makes him a beautiful man. I found it moving that the path toward comfort and healing involved intimacy with men of color, images of Black men in halos (bringing to mind the beloved Martin de Porres), and a major creative role in making a Himeros video. I wish him love!
I am moved by this clip. It's important. Shaya, I am a photographer that would like to talk with you, and possibly work with you. Not sure about how Himeros feels about our collaboration, but I'm working on a concept that has received positive feedback. If possible, if you are open, it starts with a convo. If it's not possible, I was moved by your comments. Thank you.
Such a beautiful man. We will never meet but if we did there would be definite possibilities. I am a priest if the pagan gay god Antinous. A small prayer to Him may result in unexpected rewards.
Thanks for sharing your experience Shaya, and for capturing Himeros.
Your words were most eloquent not fallen on deaf ears! You are a beautiful sexy man! I’m twice your age but I feel your pain as I have been there as a white guy. Your dreams and desires are what a lot of gay men hope for. Thanks for being real!!
This is fantastic, and so necessary! ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT AND LOVE! Simple - but we make it so difficult! Hope to see more of these beautiful men!
What an absolutely beautiful man. I wish I could hold you, Shaya, and show you the love you deserve.

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