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Behind The Scenes: Romeo Jace

Added: February 3, 2022 | Runtime: 07:03 | 12,538 views
A behind the scenes look at model Romeo Jace during our Hawaii shoot. Romeo appeared in "Three's Company" and will be featured in many upcoming Himeros.tv releases.
Recent Comments:
I absolutely LOVE all of the videos wether here or on YouTube that give us the models story. These videos are so important. It's only through the sharing of story and truth that the human condition will change. I appreciate there's a financial price the studio pays; but These stories... These truths... sing of the songs the World is in such need of right now. Thank you for your commitment to honoring these beautiful beings and their journeys.
A beautiful film about a beautiful person. So inspiring and heart-warming. I loved Three's Company -- it's one of my favorite Himeros videos. I'm looking forward to more of Romeo's videos and more Behind the Scenes looks at the wonderful artists who make Himeros so special.
Thank you for bringing Romeo to Himeros--such a beautiful man in spirit and mind, as well as body of course. He is amazing in Three's Company. I hope he will return again and again.
Wow... so happy to see this. Romeo is a very sexy man. Didn't realize he was new to all of this. Such a yummy man... Inside and out.
Thanks Romeo for sharing your inner thoughts and feelings. Sending you many virtual hugs!
Romeo, thank you for your willingness to be vulnerable and for sharing your authentic self. Your story, with both its pain and its courage, as well as its strength and beauty, can help and inspire others who struggle with living out their True Self and living into their full reality. Your spirit is brave and wonderful!

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