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Behind The Scenes: Ray Dexter

Added: October 5, 2021 | Runtime: 06:48 | 20,761 views

Ray Dexter is retiring from studio porn, but Himeros.tv was lucky enough to film Ray's swan song through our ongoing "Sacred Sex" series.

Ray's first "Sacred Sex" video will be released on November 8. It is titled "Penance". He'll be in three other "Sacred Sex" video released in the weeks thereafter.

Recent Comments:
Thank you for creating this video. It brings a new dimension to Himeros, revealing its growth with making unique content and providing a platform for more voices to be heard.
So long Ray!! You will be missed! I support your new direction in life, and trust that your decision is the very best fit you. I know that the presence and awareness you brought to film will translate beautifully into your next chapters!!! I wish you the very best.
Ray has been awesome – so intelligent, sympathetic, and handsome. I'll miss you, Ray.
Thanks Davey for allowing us to get to know Ray better and. A great back story that definitely humanizes, the actors we see in your scenes. Much appreciated.
Ray is such a completely beautiful man! It makes me sad that his life journey has been fill with obstacles regarding race. As an older guy, if I were single I would definitely want to meet him. Thanks for producing these behind the scenes videos. I find it very intriguing learning about the real lives of the models presented. I can only feel admiration for people willing to freely perform what is so extremely a private matter. Thanks! And Ray, you rock!!!
Does anyone know anything about the model with the long curly red hair. He looks adorable but he doesn't seem to be in any other films.
Davey Wavey
His name is Jack Valor and he's in the most recent Himeros.tv release, The Whispers.

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