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Added: August 31, 2020 | Runtime: 09:43 | 4,587 views

When it comes to homosexuality, the only sins for which we will pay, are of cutting ourselves into pieces, cocks without men, bodies without souls, self-loathing and denial of our true selves. The price is never paid to some skybound god who withholds love because we fuck men. Rather, it is to ourselves, because, in our judgments, we suffer feelings of disconnection and loneliness on a planet that needs our sex and devotion to each other. Without each other, we drown in feelings of loneliness and isolation. May we join together and “walk in newness of life.”

Concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Davey Wavey
For some extra fun, try this: Watch this video and follow along with the breathing. When his breathing is cut off, hold your breath. It becomes really interactive and hot.
Wow. I related to this video so much. This brought up the idea of shame, and repressed feelings suffocating me, and me being at the will of those emotions, controlled by them. Especially in sex when they creep up they can literally take your breath away at times. It took so much work, and still take work to break free from that control, to realize how loved, worthy, and deserving I am, we all are of the love, dreams, and desires we are entitled to.
Davey Wavey
Wow, thanks for such an insightful comment. I didn't even consider this perspective, but it is very relatable. As a closeted gay boy, I felt suffocated by my sexuality. To reclaim that as a catalyst for erotic pleasure would be transcendent.
I love how you feature so many uncut guys.
Davey Wavey
I love featuring intact cocks. The truth is, we film a lot of our videos internationally. And, outside the United States, most models have foreskin. So, it ends up giving Himeros.tv some great foreskin representation.
Wow... how does anyone even discover this kink? Bath time will never be the same for me.
I didn't, of course, read the commentary and comments before viewing, so I came to it cold. I found it a strange confluence of something that fascinated me and also created some bit of fear. What I kept wondering is whether I'd see him in whose hands the bather had willingly placed himself. I was riveted by this scene of connection: man connecting to his cock energy, other man holding the tube as if he were in a sense vicariously masturbating with it; the second man choosing just the right second to close off the air and then release his hand, poised to use his control in sync with the bather's heightening pleasure. Then the beauty of the semen uniting with the water. You know, I think the most brilliant thing about this video might be its title. Because, if "baptism" is a part of your spiritual vocabulary, this probably depicts interdependence and communal fellowship, not to mention trust, about as well as anything I can imagine. And the mystery of the identity of the one in whose hands the baptized had place himself. That takes my breath away. "Newness of life" indeed.
Intensifying the pleasure of orgasm by not breathing as you reach climax....
Breath control is so hot when done with trust and caution, didn't expect to see this here and am feeling happily surprised! :D

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