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Added: September 6, 2021 | Runtime: 13:43 | 83,749 views

If you were asked, “what is sacred to you?”, what would your answer be? A walk in the woods? Listening to your favorite tunes? Your yoga practice or time at the gym? A five-mile run? As gay, bi or queer men, would your answer be sex? In this series of videos, we propose that sex - our sex, our gay sex - is sacred. And recognizing the sacred nature of what we do with our Erotic Bodies is the first step in countering centuries of being told that we are sinful, impure or, the church’s favorite word, ‘disordered’. Those words have taken their toll on our community and many of us have experienced the shame and trauma that comes with them. Maybe we can generate positivity and healing by beginning to think of our sexual experiences as moments of grace, of blessing, or as opportunities to have deep gratitude for what our bodies give us.

It’s time to take back words and concepts like ‘blessed’, ‘holy’, ‘consecrated’ and ‘sacrament’, to reclaim the truly sacred nature of our desires. In this video, Baptism, we reclaim what it means to be washed clean, to initiate sex through the element of Water. It’s playful, fun, erotic, even sacred time between two lovers.

Video concept by Coach Nic: https://www.mindfulpleasurepractice.com

Recent Comments:
An unforgetable scene of intense loving engagement between the 2. Fantastic choice of Nico & Drew.
First and most importantly, this is a hot video that I’m sure I’ll watch again. Although I doubt baptism will be anywhere close to the first thing that comes to mind when I remember it.
To paraphrase Brad "Hallefuckinelujah, gay sex, and Amen." This scene was hot and a very creative, yet I did not find it all offensive, as it took on a religious sacrament and applied to gay sex. I think Coach Nic is a great addition to your team, and I appreciated how he used the sacred not for the sake of shock value, but as an appropriate claim on its usage in the life of gay sex. And Nico and Drew were great at embodying the idea as they engaged in sacred love making. A real winner in my books, one for the "Best of Himeros."
One of the best yet. Erotic but something I could see myself doing with a lover. Of course as someone who likes to start off with w/s this was especially good for me.
SUCH a HOT vid. Love how bright it is...and those two leads have such intense chemistry. Not sure there was much acting there. Naturally horned up for each other and it shows.
Thank you for this series Coach Nic. Unlike many gay men, I continue to a member of a congregation--a progressive ELCA Lutheran that welcomes us GLTBQ folks. Over the years I have done much reading in the area of Erotic Spirituality, including the Biblical book Song of Songs ("Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth.") When I receive an erotic massage I imagine the therapist being a stand in for Jesus, blessing my WHOLE body. Sex for me is sacramental--a sign of the Sacred's Presence. I find masturbating very sacred and meditative. Looking forward to future videos.
Very hot video. Nice to see Frog Meadow again. We honeymooned there and enjoy seeing it used for a wonderful setting for your films!
another Himeros triumph. So authentic , with high level energy and connection that has a spiritual quality, esp in the lush green natural setting after they swam and with grass that coated them--so appropriate for the baptism scene . Nico amazing as always and great match with hot Drew.
This reminds me of a line in Tennessee Williams' Night of the Iguana. "Nothing human disgusts me, Mr. Shannon." A very different 4th century voice said, "The Glory of God is the human being fully alive." Well here you go: Nico and Drew in their love-making underscore that nothing human is to be despised (our tastes and preferences don't dictate what's holy, only describe what we find appealing). And clearly, in this idyllic setting that exudes peace and stillness, we see that the human being fully alive is the human being joyfully playing.
In the early church, and for the first few centuries, people were baptized naked in public. There were several theological meanings for the nudity; one was liberation from shame. After submersion in the water, the initiate's whole naked body was anointed with oil. In this video, the oil is replaced by body fluids, but otherwise the scenario is not that different -- except for the addition of erotic passion! And even that is not unprecedented. In the early days, baptism was performed by deacons, and some of the male deacons were getting a little too enthusiastic in the way they anointed female converts, so the church started ordaining female deacons to baptize and anoint women. If the early Christians could have had a modern understanding of sexual consent, maybe the erotic element could have been integrated into the ritual! Imagine how differently the Christian tradition would have developed!
Wow, stunningly beautiful, the green fresh cut grass against their hot sweaty skin. Again, Wow! this one is hot!
I’m just one more guy who thinks this video is one of your best. Playful, erotic, and intense. And so beautiful.
The piss, the spit, the foreskin, the armpit eating and the worship of Nico's cock. GLORIOUS! So hot with Drew on his back, legs up and Nico telling him to "show me your hole" after Nico cums all over Drew. Then Drew using Nico's cum as lube to jerk off and baptize Niko's face with what is truly holy. These men and their energy... what a gift they give!
More Drew Dixon, please!
Davey Wavey
Much more to come!
Love Randy Dixon
loved this very much. i like the blending of sacred and sex together, fusing mind body and spirit. and the piss scenes were hot too. in fact my husband and i pissed on each other at Frog Meadow several years back while playing in their hot tub (no piss ended up in the tub, well maybe a little LOL). And while on that subject I would like to see more intense piss pleasure with sex here on Himeros. My husband and I 'piss mark" each other in loving and wallowing ways, leading to some very hot sex. Please more piss play sir!
What a great and intense movie. Two absolutely hot guys really going for it. I love it!!
Best video to date. Nico is a talented and sweet man. The fluids (water, piss, saliva, cum) are all so meaningful, sensual and raw passion. Keep up the good work.
So intense, so homoerotic....
So incredibly intimate and in a wonderful setting - seems like a genuine connection.
Incredible videos of love, passion, and grace. The interaction and intense fucking was awesome. These guys really were living in each other. Being one in climaxes. Amazing!!
This was wonderful gay sex! I wish it was me!
Everything about this is just sooo STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL, out in the grass, the liquids, the feet HAHAH - dreamlike :D
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