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BONUS: Cum Anointing

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Added 03/20/2018

Categories: Hunks Instructional Self-Pleasure

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In addition to this week's video, enjoy this special bonus!

How much jizz have you squirted onto sheets, into towels or tissues - and thrown into the trash? Without even thinking, we’re reaching for the garbage while the muscles around the pelvis, under the balls and around the base of the cock are still twitching in delight. Your cum is magic, and need not be treated like toxic waste.

Today, we’re going to help you reclaim the potency, power and magic of your own cum and bask in the afterglow.

Let’s start with the good stuff. You’ve just had juicy, wonderful sex - or spoiled your body with a hot jerk off session. You ejaculated, and you shot a load of cum.

You’re invited to leave your hot cum all over your body… because, in a way, it’s holy. It’s sacred. You’ll have plenty of time to wash it off later, but you’re invited to cherish it first.

Let yourself go, and as you drift into wherever your body takes you - let your hands spread your wonderful cum all over your body, beginning with your heart and belly. Anoint yourself.

Your belly is considered the center of your empowerment; your heart is the center of your ability to love and appreciate—beginning with yourself. Anoint your belly, your heart, and your body, remaining aware of what a sweet gift it is to spend a life here, alive, in this body. Touch your face, your pelvis, your hands, honoring ALL of you.

Continue to enjoy drifting and allow your breaths to go slow and deep while you take in these words:

“My body has walked a long way to get here, and now, I can relax, let go and replenish. I love and cherish this body. It’s my vehicle. I love it just the way it is and I’m thankful it could carry me this far. Right now, I’m taking care of it and it’s fine-tuning itself so that I feel better, walk better, sleep better, feel healthier and have more fun. Thank you! I’m at peace here, now, embraced, safe, and lovingly held. I am home. This is home, and MAN, I LOVE this home. I’m receiving back so much of what I’ve given out. Thank you!”

If and when you feel so inclined, turn over on your side like a sleeping baby. You might like to hug your knees closer to you, and even put a pillow under your head so that you’re relaxed and your neck is aligned. Enjoy this sweet position of peace and loving embrace while you quietly, gently, let yourself return to your waking consciousness. When you are ready, gently rise and get ready to carry your newly-replenished body into the rest of your day and life. Have fun with your new insights and refreshed body!

This video was inspired by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com
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