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Added: May 15, 2023 | Runtime: 22:13 | 29,147 views

In the high desert of New Mexico, Himeros.tv held a Creator Camp wherein popular OnlyFans models gathered to share ideas, learn about intimacy and connection from Himeros.tv's tantric sex coaches and acquire filmmaking knowledge from experienced directors and cinematographers. Instead of viewing OnlyFans as competition, Himeros.tv holds that OnlyFans is a great opportunity to turn more men on to the type of authentic connections and creative filmmaking that has become a hallmark of Himeros.tv. This collaboration between Himeros.tv and OnlyFans is about expanding the audience for all of us through mutual success.

In each scene from this project, we committed to using the same tools as OnlyFans creators. With the exception of professional sound and lighting, these scenes are filmed entirely with everyday filmmaking tools like iPhones and gimbals. In many instances, the models do the cinematography themselves.

Great sex takes two. A top—by standard definition—might be the “man in charge”, but the sex can only be as exciting as both men are ready to have it be! How do we tell our lovers what we really want, without seeming pushy—especially if we’re the bottom? We can ask for what we want—or we can tell him what we want. The method of delivery really depends on the level of trust and respect we are able to establish with our lover or fuckbuddy.

Watch how a skilled anal bottom communicates with a big-dick top to create some fucking dynamic, exciting sex. Watch how the model seduces the artist with affection, love and authenticity, and then uses that foundation of trust to literally tell the top exactly what he wants.

This video also comes with an invitation to you, the viewer, to take note of what’s happening in this video which feels so different than what we’re used to seeing in porn. What excites you about it? What’s different?

Concept by Brad Amberheart: https://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
I can't put into words how beautiful that was. It was so many things rolled into one. I am almost speechless. At the opening I had a flashback of Jack drawing Rose. There is just something about Jonah that is perfection. He is sweet, kind, loving and extremely sexy. The looks of pleasure on Leo's face was remarkable. I had so many different feelings watching this. Jonah is one of a kind. I was so involved with their interaction, I was mesmerized. One thing is for certain this video had my dick so hard that I couldn't believe it. I mean hard man and really wanting to explode. That degree of hardness especially from a video does not happen to me that often. This video I could watch several times and get all wrapped up in it. I have got to release this cock energy or I will never get to sleep. Thanks to all, Jonah, Leo and Brad for creating this incredible lovely and erotic story line. My cock thanks you too.
Wheeler and Louis never seem to be acting, much less as performers in a "porn scene." Their sexual activities are extremely realistic, leaving the viewer aroused by seeing something that seems very real. In particular, Wheeler's performing oral sex on Louis -- the deep throating -- is incredibly hot. You can just about feel Louis's cock going down Wheeler's throat. This is yet another Homers scene that moves beyond porn into some new realm which I, for one, lack a term.
the natural chemistry between these two models jumps right off the screen, beautifully shot and the message a strong one,!! thank you
This is such a hot scene. Jonah is super!! Since today is my birthday and this was released today, thanks for the b’day present!!
Thanks, Brad, for developing this concept. Jonah Wheeler is an excellent communicator, providing Leo with gentle, concise, and inviting direction. It also demonstrates Jonah’s versatility. This isn’t porn but exceptional erotica.
So sexy and well acted. Wheeler's acting range is impressive as seen over his numerous videos. I'd love for Brad to do a sequel to this one where Wheeler, still as the model, uses the same commanding charm to top the artist.
You can't find this anywhere else, I swear. So beautiful, so intimate, so intense. This was amazing.
Wow, just hot from beginning to end. Great job to all. Brought back my art school memories.
The authenticity of this scene is remarkable. Jonah is the "expert" but he guides Leo with a loving, caring, calm voice that encourages but never demands. Leo learns to respond to Jonah's cues and directions and the two increasingly become a single point of contact, a single movement with each totally in unison with the other. Overall, the scene reflects a sensitivity rarely found in male porn.
Yup. Pure gold.
Copy everything said above, and add this: the power of all the elements here--scene, setting, lighting, dialogue, and above all incredible acting, worked so powerfully for me that I literally stopped masturbating (the first time of viewing!) and simply reveled, mesmerized by the unfolding scene. Jonah continues to set an increasingly high standard for filmed sex that is fiercely masculine, tenderly caring, honestly human. If the goal of Himeros is to show men who love men how better to express ourselves authentically, there is no clearer example than this.
Very hot... but is himeros.tv becoming himeros.jonah? Don't get me wrong... he's hot but not one of my faves. I like verbal and communicative but one can do that without being loud. Almost sounds fake. Just my opinion. Thanks for the hot content.
Davey Wavey
We've worked with Jonah a few times because he's such an amazing model. Sometimes I like to pair videos back-to-back that have something in common. For example, "Mirror, Mirror" and "Smoke & Mirrors." I thought it would be fun to see two different flavors of Jonah in "Mirror, Mirror" and this week's "Avant-Harde" release. To be fair... In my world, there's no such thing as too much Jonah :-P
I have to expound on what jonathancircle wrote. First I love the clarity of his writing style. I am right on with his assessment of the lighting, setting and especially the dialog, etc. It is just perfection. That same wonderful dialog was in Mirror, Mirror too. All of the actors in these two films were superb in their interpretation of the dialog, their facial expressions and their acting skills but I again have to state that Jonah's authenticity, his tender loving caring nature that just makes you want to love him for that. He really evokes a very caring and loving person on screen and I would be willing to bet in real life too. And sexy all man he is. I was like Jonathancircle too. I started stroking but got so wrapped up in the film that I stopped. But the film was so tender and beautiful (Mirror, Mirror) was too, that my arousal was so intense I just lay there and enjoyed the hardness and sensations while mesmerized by these two people. After it was over I finished masturbating thinking about the film. Thinking about the interaction between Jonah and Leo gave me an explosive orgasm but there was much more to it than just relief. I had this euphoric feeling in my body and mind from the loving interaction between Jonah and Leo. I'm telling you Davey Jonah has star power in his acting skills. I sure wish I could have an encounter like those two movies with him.
OMG so beautiful, guys
There are times in most porn videos when I just get bored -- yeah, I've seen guys fucking before, what's next? Not in this video: the intimacy and interaction was so real and compelling that I couldn't take my eyes off these beautiful men. I felt like I was a part of their lovemaking. And is it just me, or does anyone else think Jonah Wheeler is the sexiest man on earth?
Until today, a bossy bottom was not a thing I thought I needed in my life. But now I know, and I want one real bad!!!
Heartfelt isn't a word you read about porn but this video was heartfelt. Gentle coaxing, communication, subtle power dynamics, teaching moments to behold. Sensual, real if porn can be real.

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