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Assplay For Tops

Added: April 5, 2021 | Runtime: 24:11

Assplay isn't just for bottoms. Indeed, all of us are capable of enjoying anal pleasure - with a little sense of adventure and the right coaching. This video is all about maximizing anal pleasure, especially for men who identify as tops.

Video facilitated by Will Tantra: https://linktr.ee/tantricfitness

Recent Comments:
A favorite! Not just for tops, but for all to give and receive pleasure from their partners. Reciprocity is the best!
Davey, that was the best demonstration/instructional video for preparing a top for ass enjoyment that could be made. Will is an exceptional teacher. He teaches with care, and gentleness and a true desire that the recipient is getting pleasure and a feeling of love and emotional support. I love not only the physical contact but the emotional contact between the two guys. Will teaches not only technique but an understanding of what the recipient is experiencing. This also shows tops in-depth how to give their bottom the most pleasure. Following his instructions would make any top want to give bottoming a try. It is such an emotional connection between two people. I learned things I would have never known from this video. I love you Davey, Will and Himeros for this type of in-depth training. Videos like this is what makes Himeros so special and unique. For me as added emotional feelings I would want the person topping me to cum deep inside of me. It leaves me with an added psychological feeling that I am carrying a part of my partner with me. Thank you Davey and Will so much.
Beautiful. Intimate. Sexy. Hot. More please!
Very informative and well done demonstration for effective assplay techniques. 😊
Amazingly erotic and wonderfully instructional. Magic.
I have always favoured engaging with men that are versatile, as it has been my experience that men who are versatile, make much better tops, as they are in tune with what it feels like to bottom. I would now make an exception for someone who has been certified in the Will Tantra school of "Assplay for Tops." No shade on bottoms who are only interested in connecting with exclusive tops. To each their own. I just prefer to engage with someone who is topping me versus being topped by someone who has no connection with what it feels like to bottom. Just my preference. As for the video: Great instructional video by Will that a lot of men both bottoms and tops can draw wisdom from to expand both their partnered experiences, as well as their solo practises. I loved it.
Great video! This is one I'll watch again and again, both to absorb the techniques and simply to masturbate to a hot video. What I like most about this is that it's such a demonstration of loving-with-your-whole-self. It is unmistakable that Will knows how to love by both being fully present and letting his whole body--tongue, hands, fingers, nose, face, arms, express appreciation and affection.
Many of those moves can be done on the viewer of this fine video by the viewer. While I may have done a few of those accidentally, it is better to have an extensive collection of moves. Everyone knows how to pull on their junk, but fewer practice with their ass. I will be watching a few times with hands on my own hole to commit them to memory. Lube was not addressed explicitly. There are diverse opinions on the topic. As happens similarly with pistons going up and down the piston shaft in cars, I am a fan of silicon based lubes injected using a lube shooter. Almost no lube is needed on the outside. Lube on the inside makes its way out leaving a well-oiled hole. Less is needed if just fingers are going to be used to reach the prostrate. One may also try to encourage the bottom to NOT touch his cock. It will take just a few minutes longer, but he can cum from the prostrate message only, and this will prove it for him. The 100% prostrate orgasm will feel different, in a way, deeper, because it does happen deeper in the body. The coordinated breathing keeps the connection. In a teaching context, one cannot do too much hot talk. In the bedroom, one could do plenty of hot chat while helping him reach an anal orgasm. Nice work.
I loved the end with Matthew cumming and Will looking into his eyes. So intimate.