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Ask And It Is Given

Added: February 14, 2022 | Runtime: 16:58 | 39,055 views

This is a Tantric ritual to play with a group of men who you trust. The idea is to stretch your ability to identify and ask for what you want, playing with fantasy and fulfillment, saying “yes” to what you want. It helps create a bond between men, as well as an experience of deep self-acceptance.

As the hourglass is turned, three men take turns being blindfolded and asking from all others exactly what he wants from the group simultaneously.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
That was insanely hot… and original … a three way where everyone gets to play out their own fantasy. Amazing chemistry among the cast. Definitely saved the best for last.
I really enjoyed the concept of saying yes to your pleasure as a way of establishing safe boundaries for someone in a group to safely ask for the pleasure they are seeking. I just saw one problem area, that I thought i would highlight. I don't think it was fair or a great example of respecting someones boundaries when Gabriel told JP during his turn to "not cum as he wanted JP to fuck him during his turn." no disrespect to Gabriel personally, but i think should have been negotiated in advance, not during JP's session, particularly so directly. Still a hot scene and well produced, but I just thought I would highlight what I noticed.
Three ways are so hot and these are three of the hottest boys... I think this is a fun game to try. Although I do think the second model got cheated a little bit because what he asked for I really love to do and have done to me. Very lightly and very slowly just run your fingertips barely touching the skin all over your body and I think that's what he asked for. But I don't think that's really what he got. Not that it wasn't fun but I guess it's all about communication. Hot.
I know it is a turn on for a lot of people, but choking and its cousin autoesphyxiation are extremely dangerous and have resulted in the death of many a participant. The factor of trust is a valid one when playing this game, but things can go unintentionally very wrong. Not only the death of the asphyxiated but a potentially ruined life for the asphyxiator. Perhaps this particular fetish requires a bit more analysis before being promoted as a valid and pleasurable alternative.
Beautiful and hot. More please
I agree with jimindc, regarding the choking, if not done with care, but I found all three to be extremely hot and tremendous turn on’s. A beautiful example of Tantric sex.
Loved this video, and the concept.
I just had an intense orgasm watching this. Thanks.
This is completely lovely. Thank you so much!
Beautiful sex for these three and for those of us watching and wishing we were one of them!
The amount of courage it might take many to even begin communicating what they are truly yearning for when it comes to sexual experiences... it's very beautiful to see this being executed in a trusting and intimate group, it gives hope that one might find their very own soul tribe as well one day, be it for sex or beyond!
i keep watching the three way! hot

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