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Added: November 14, 2022 | Runtime: 16:20 | 14,211 views

Agape is a greek word for a specific type of universal, empathic love.

This video is inspired by a portrait series that Shaya created and discusses in his mini doc for Himeros.tv: https://www.himeros.tv/members/scenes/Behind-The-Scenes-Shaya-Odin_vids.html

In Shaya's portrait series, he features black men with halos - in contrast to the many images of white guys in halos that fill our churches. Through his art, Shaya shares a message about the sacredness of black men. And this is a film interpretation of that same message - including a closing shot with lens flares that approximate halos. Shaya and Trevor have connected, sensual sex that is in stark contrast to the typical depiction of black men in porn. See Shaya's art here: http://www.craig-anthony.com/

In Shaya's own words: "In 2019 I was accused of stealing a cellphone from a white female donut shop worker. After being cornered and having my pockets searched I was reminded of all of the black men that found themselves in similar predicaments, being falsely accused; The Scottsboro Boys, Emmett Till, Mack Charles Parker, most of which lead to the death of these men. A thought came to mind about the way we are taught to react to the black male and what it would be like if imagery were created not asking for respect and acceptance, but demanding it by being portrayed as religious saints. What would society think of gay black men if we were taught that these men were just as worthy as the biblical figures that some grow up praying to? [This] exists to showcase the diversity that exists within the black gay American community and to create a space for black men to see themselves praised wholly. No matter where in life you may find yourself, know that you are loved."

Video in collaboration with Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
Beautiful, sexy, tender. Wow!
Absolutely stunning, beautiful, angelic, magical, and most sensual! The next best thing to physically being in bed with them would to be a metaphorical fly on the wall observing this sacred, sexual ritual. The thought of Shaya’s dreadlocks lightly draped and running over the naked body from top to bottom - awwww, most arousing. Thank you for yet another beautiful video experience.
So sensual and beautiful! Nice!
Gently, sensual touch is my biggest turn-on, and it's sadly neglected in the world of porn. This is the first video that truly does justice to gentle, sensual eroticism. Thank you to all involved, especially Shaya.
The words that I would like to use have already been used, but I will use them again: extremely sensual, and lovely.
Ohhhhh man, this is just the return to Paradise, so completely sensual, innocent and tender. Thank you!
Two beautiful men having beautiful sex. Well photographed and very sensual.

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