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Blake Mitchell: Guided Masturbation

Added: August 9, 2017 | Runtime: 17:20 | 82,572 views
When it comes to masturbation, most of us resort to the same old techniques. But what if there was more? Through creative practices inspired by tantric coach Ian Ellington and demonstrated by Blake Mitchell, you're invited to experience a different kind of jerk off session.
Recent Comments:
I have enjoyed Blakes movies and this hit the mark as well!
How to download this video?
I want to see more of this sensuous eroticism!!!!
I must admit that watching Blake Mitchell pleasuring himself in this video has brought new perspective on this young man and how truly, beautifully sensual he could be...incredible!!
Wow....that's beautiful...what a stunning orgasm!
Truly a learning experience. Will try and use them to add to my self pleasuring.
It would be useful to have a prequel to this that focuses on finding the beauty in your own body that may not be society's norm. How do we accept and even appreciate and love the parts of our bodies that society and the gay collective in particular have branded as unattractive and even unacceptable. What if we think of ourselves as fat, or skinny? What if there's a part of my body that I dislike but cannot change? How can we come to accept, appreciate and perhaps even love the "less than ideal", even embarrassing parts of our bodies? If the Himeros experience is about me, then maybe you can help me learn to change some of my attitudes toward myself physically. We can Jack off to Blake Mitchell on several sites. To learn to Jack off to myself would be like the old lesson about the difference between giving a man a fish and teaching a man to fish. I know it's a lot to ask,but you are doing some other daring and wonderful things here, so I am confident that you can do this.
Davey Wavey
Yes, I love this comment. And it's something we do continue to work on. Here's a great video that we did for you to check out: https://www.himeros.tv/members/scenes/The-Bath---Body-Acceptance-Ritual_vids.html
Blake/ Lane is such a beautiful guy with a nice cock. My thing is when a guy comes like this.. I want to be plugged in. To me that’s top shelf thirsty!
I had an orgasm like this after my first reiki/sensual massage. It was so intense. Watching Blake's beautiful orgasm brought back wonderful memories.
Most excellent. It is so important to keep all of the skin involved in a full sexual experience. There is too much rush to get to the boner. Great focus on breathing. The shaking of limbs is a technique I will have to remember for moving a small distance from the edge. Watching Blake's abs while reachning orgasm was awesome. It is important to put in energy after "shot #1". I always push myself on shots/shakes 12-15. I even think it is important to take deep gulps of air 2.-5 minutes after all the seeds have flown. I do like to let the semen dry in place or eventually taste. After a great orgasm, my body needs to be still and I need to sleep. Thanks for the video
A writer (Davey) and performer Blake with a true collab. True connection to the words. True feeling expressed via movement. And of course Blake's amazing to look-at -- and look at -- and look at ... I keep a Bib nearby...Was struck by how organic this was and is, I mean we've seen a million SIMILAR but none COMPARABLE to this one at Himera. It shows you what porn COULD be (per Davey). Been Davey's mantra all along, first thing that drew me to Davey over at You Tube. His Mantra: "It can be so much better." Now he's proving the shit and a hot commodity on Wall Street. Good for Davey.
Wonderful. A big lesson for me in moving from jerking off to enrolling my whole body with my cock in true self pleasure. Blake is gorgeous too - handsome with a perfect cock.
I loved everything about this video.
It's always fun learning of new ways to wank and appreciate our bodies. What's even better is seeing a HOT and SEXY guy with a foreskin teach us. Blake / Lane OMFG............... In the UK most of us are uncut, but the opposite appears to be true in the US (at least in the porn industry which is obviously [and arguably, rightly so] the leading market). And Blake / Lane wears specs which makes him appear more "realistic / accessible". Love / Sex and the gay scene isn't about perfect muscular bodies with 12 inch dicks where the fucking lasts for hours and you almost drown in an ocean of cum! Although that would be nice........... Most of us aren't perfect. We don't have 'perfect' bodies. We aren't 'conventionally attractive'. Some of us are differently abled. {Blake / Lane may be perfect. I dunno; I've never met him} I just joined Himeros, and I don't know why I would ever leave. Thank you so much for creating this site
This is very beautiful and erotic. Thank you for the sensitivity in creating this. The orgasm looked like he was having a Kundalini experience. Every muscle in his body was participating!
I just had the most intense orgasm for the first time! This was purely magical, i just followed Davey’s instructions. I felt like i was part of the universe .
That orgasm was amazing. I was shivering and I wasn’t even masturbating; just watching the instruction. Can’t wait to try it.
Watched this amazing video for the second time--so beautiful the connection with himself, enjoying deep pleasures his body brings him.
This was a great video. Not just porn but very erotic. I have always been a fan of Blake. Hearing you (Davey) narrate/instruct was very sexual too.
Being a "solo" guy, I would LOVE to see more of this! Really well done.
Great video. This is pretty much the way I do things, but at the end I either scoop up my cum with one hand and swallow it or do the plow, a yoga position and ejaculate straight into my mouth. Yes, our semen is the essence of life and this way you don’t waste it.
This video is beautiful and describes how to raise mastubation to a higher level. I enjoyed Davey's warm and sensitive guidance and felt close to both of these beautiful men.
Wow yes definitely a kundalini rising and deep breathing with masturbation is a must!

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