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Honorable Discharge

Added: December 14, 2020 | Runtime: 18:16 | 11,606 views

The American military has been an organization in which many men have identified with a strong, masculine, exterior. In most ways, this role conflates the masculine persona with “doing,” “action,” “might,” and “performance.” These qualities create an action-based perception of self-identity and leaves out the many softer expressions of the man as a whole.

Moreover, in porn, black men typically play stereotypical roles that don’t reflect the complexities of real people having real sex. During a phone conversation, Dillon said, “I like the idea of having sex on camera the way I do in real life. The sex I enjoy is more romantic, more sensual.” And this video becomes an opportunity to show that - in contrast with both the military backdrop and the expectations of viewers.

In sex, men often elevate a subsequent and dramatic performance of socialized “power” masculinity rather than a true expression of their authentic eroticism. Eroticism comes from within. It is born from an intrinsic sense of self, one’s own emotional landscape, boundaries, and the determination to ask for what one wants. Honorable Discharge eroticizes and glorifies nurturance as preeminent in our proposed model of power.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Beautiful!! Just, amazing!! Thank you, Davey!
Being a newbie to the site I really understand the words ' Its just like porn , but better'. Amazing guys , so sensual and erotic . ( Monday mornings will never be the same again). Thank you ,
Hey it's me, aka Billyb. Recently renewed my membership, and ended up with a new handle. same opinions. Just a name change. so feel free to sensor me or use my comments as you see fit. Glad to be signed on for another year, of what appears to be increasingly good quality and concepts. Another great shot. i liked the theme of shedding the toxic masculinity and entering into a space where both men feel comfortable to be their authentic self. At first impression I thought, I don't think that tent is standard military issue, but I am glad you, wet up a comfortable space where Andre and Dillon, and your crew for that matter did not feel constricted by space, so good call. It still had the same feel of being in someone's tent, so that came across as intended. Andre is one of my favourites, and what i like about seeing him on your site is he appears to be his more authentic self vs some of his work with other companies. A real testament to Himrose. Loved the scene, probably in my top 5. Looking forward to the discussion.
Wow...just keeps getting better! I think this is one of the most sensual, almost spiritual videos I've encountered. So few words, yet so much communication and connection. Excellent!
A lovely video. And I’m not sure why I liked it as much as I did.
Beautiful video of two lovers! The sensuality is electric as they slowly move from playing as military men to letting down their guard to lovingly hugging, kissing and undressing each other. Intentional or not, they definitely have chemistry that made me feel the passion as it oozed from the screen. I wanted to kiss them both and encourage them to love each other deeply. Thankfully they did just that.
So tender. So beautiful
God the toe sucking was so hot! I just recently discovered how turned on and passionate I get sucking on another man’s toes. Sucking passionately on fingers is equally hot. It is like I am devouring my lover....yum!
Great video. I especially enjoyed the tenderness and the gentle kisses. It’s how I like to make love.
Wow! So sensual and erotic. The guys are making love rather than having sex for the camera. I think I’ll be watching this video over and over again ...
DD is a beautiful man, I love watching him. Hope to see him in more scenes!
Oh my gawd... amazing! So beautiful. Loved watching them make love. At times felt like I was part of it. Really love the sensual kissing. Not the loud smacking we seem to hear so much of. Just wondeful kissing. Loved every minute of it. The licking of the feet. The fucking. The amazing cum. Just all of it. I think my favorite video of all.
Amazing! Two gorgeous guys making love. Slow, tender, erotic! Now one of my favorites.
Wow! Exactly the stuff my dreams are made of. Erotic. Sensual. I wanted to be in both roles. Himeros has captured the art of turning the natural into a masterwork!
Different CLASS of performer here at Himeros.tv. Just an elegant scene -- the actors doing so much. Organically working together so that the scene comes to Life. One astonishing video after another - may write REVIEWS on them all. Go into individual models, study them - figure-out what makes EACH special. It's for sure a different class of performer - these dudes like stage-ready -- stage ready meaning Broadway, off-Broadway, Hollywood sitcoms etc. Very explosive while also contained.
In five years they're gonna hafta develop? A new gay erotica Awards Show that in 2026? Will be dominated by Himeros.tv-type content. Beautiful photography, connection between talent - sex.
simply beautiful these men were so hot and
I’ve been a big fan and admirer of Dillon and until recently that included Andre as well. Both offering sensitivity and passion in their work. I have fantasizes about them both and would love to “meet” them for my next birthday. Sensual!!!
Love seeing this kind of sensuality between two men... it's a major turn-on for me for it being a break in societal, gender specific expectations. A very loving energy surrounds this particular moment! <3

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